Top Dressing Lawn Service

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A thick and lush lawn is coveted by many people, but the sandy and clay-based soil throughout Florida and Alabama can make this difficult to achieve. Sandy soil with a large percentage of clay content can prevent nutrient absorption and make it difficult to grow your grass as thick as you may like it. This type of soil can also keep the grass roots from taking firm hold, affecting the durability of your grass negatively. If you are struggling to get your lawn to grow thick and luxurious, you may find the Top Dressing Lawn Service offered by EnSec to be beneficial.

What is Top Dressing Lawn Service?


Top Dressing is a lawn service process that allows us to add a thin layer of soil or compost to an existing lawn without harming your existing grass. An aeration of your lawn will be performed at the same time, and this will allow the compost material to go deep into the soil, improving its nutrient profile over a period of time.

How is Top Dressing Completed?

Top Dressing is a sand or compost mixture that is applied to the surface of your existing lawn in a very thin layer that does not cause any harm to the grass that is already present. The aeration process is what drives this compost mixture deep into the existing soil to improve its condition over time.

What are the Benefits this Treatment Offers?

Top Dressing will gradually improve the overall condition of your soil, which is the basis for a healthy and lush lawn. You will start to see benefits right away, and these will continue over the coming months. Top Dressing will allow your grass to grow in thicker, greener, and lusher. Top dressing will also drastically improve the durability of your lawn. Additionally, this lawn treatment will create healthier roots for your existing grass and will reduce the amount of soil compaction you experience with your lawn.

When and How Often Should it be Performed?

It is recommended that Top Dressing treatments be performed during the growing season. This allows the compost material to help create growth before your lawn enters the dormancy stage of the fall and winter months.

Some lawns may require multiple treatments with Top Dressing. If your lawn has been damaged over the previous winter or you have existing trouble spots, it may be recommended that you repeat this treatment a few times. Our team of professionals can make appropriate recommendations on this to help you create the type of lawn you desire. Otherwise, this is a treatment that is only recommended about once every three years to maintain the health and growth of your grass.

Why Consider Top Dressing Lawn Service?

If the aesthetic appeal of your lawn is important to you and you find yourself having a hard time getting your grass to grow in thicker, Top Dressing could be the answer you are looking for. EnSec Pest and Lawn has been serving the Florida and Alabama areas for many years. As a family-owned company, we go the extra mile to provide the services you are looking for with the peace of mind that years of experience can offer. Our goal is to provide whatever lawn service you need in a manner that leaves you with complete satisfaction. If you need to improve the condition of your lawn, please contact EnSec Pest and Lawn today for a complete evaluation and recommended treatment plan best suited to your specific needs.

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