Weed Identification In Alabama & Florida

What are weeds?

Unwanted and difficult to control are two of the best ways to describe weeds. Plants that grow where they are not wanted are weeds; they seem to pop-up overnight and spread throughout our yards in the blink of an eye.

The negatives of weeds outweigh their benefits, making them unwelcome in our yards. One of the most common type of weed to grow in Florida and Alabama yards is the broadleaf weed. Some examples of broadleaf weeds include clover, dandelion, chickweed, and dollarweed.

Broadleaf weeds have flat, broad leaves that emerge from the plant’s stalk, usually in pairs. They tend to have very noticeable veins running through the leaves. These weeds often produce flowers to mask their identity as unwanted plants.

close up of weeds in lawn

Are weeds dangerous?

In most cases, weeds do not pose any direct danger to people or our pets, but they do cause our lawns to look less than perfect. Nothing can ruin a lush, soft lawn like patches of prickly, unsightly weeds. Besides not always looking nice, weeds block the sun and take away the water and nutrients that grass needs to grow and remain healthy.

Other problems associated with weeds include:

  • The weed’s flowers attract stinging insects to your lawns.
  • They reduce the viability of crops, and they interfere with harvesting crops.
  • Weeds provide an area for insects to hide in our yards.

Why do I have a weed problem?

Weeds are competitive and naturally take over areas. Some features of weeds which make them problematic in our yards include:

  • Producing massive amounts of seeds to ensure the weed’s survival.
  • A quick turn over from seed to adult plant.
  • Long-term survival of seeds.
  • Seeds remaining dormant until environmental conditions are right for them to grow.

Where will I find weeds?

What makes weeds so tricky to control is that, depending on the species, they can grow almost anywhere, including wide-open sunny areas, shady spots, dry locations, or wet locations. Something almost all weeds have in common is that a well-maintained and fertilized lawn, free of bare spots, is not a lawn where weeds grow well.


overgrown weed on sidewalk

How do I get rid of weeds?

Everybody wants their lawn looking great, but maintaining a great looking lawn is time-consuming. The best way to get rid of weeds and have a lush green lawn is to partner with the lawn care experts at EnSec. We know the unique needs of southern lawns and provide the services and applications needed to eliminate weeds and encourage healthy lawn growth. To combat weeds and maintain a healthy lawn, call EnSec today and learn about our weed control and lawn care programs.

How can I prevent weeds in the future?

Take steps to help prevent weeds from becoming a problem on your Florida or Alabama property using some of our prevention tips. Some of the easiest things you can do to guard your lawn against weeds include:

  • Know the type of grass planted in your yard and cut it to its ideal height. Cutting grass too short allows for weeds to grow and take over yards.
  • Do not overwater or underwater your lawn; doing either could allow weeds to grow.
  • We recommend plugs or sod to resolve bare spots.
  • Keep your lawn fertilized, irrigated, and well-maintained.
  • Partner with a professional to provide the seasonal and routine lawn care services needed to maintain a healthy lawn. Weeds are less apt to grow in a well-maintained lawn.

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