Wildlife Control & Animal Trapping

Common OpossumThe Gulf Coast is a beautiful place to hang your hat. Natural beauty abounds in our area and you simply cannot beat our beaches. People are not the only ones who find this area of the country appealing. The wild spaces that surround our homes and neighborhoods are teaming with wildlife. As long as these critters stay in those wild places then all is well. Unfortunately though, these animals are increasingly crossing the line between wild and domestic areas and this represents a major problem in many of our communities. It is one thing to see these animals in the zoo, but quite another to have them in your home or tearing up your property. Sadly, some of these animals pose health risks to our families as well by carrying disease such as rabies. Ensec will protect your family and home, Guaranteed!

Common Types of Wildlife Found in Florida

We utilize effective, humane techniques coupled with cutting edge technology to resolve any critter crisis that you might be experiencing. We will communicate any recommendations or specific approaches that are required to gain complete control of the problem We utilize live trapping (whenever possible), exclusion techniques, repellents, and even have a resident beekeeper on staff. When it comes to controlling nuisance animals we’ve got you covered.

EnSec Wildlife Trapping Program specializes in the removal of the following animals:

Racoons- a very common pest in our region that is capable of causing significant damage to your home and property. These are very smart creatures who commonly get into attic spaces and claim them as their home.

Squirrels- We deal with both the gray and flying squirrels in attic spaces. These pests are known to chew up wiring and the urine/feces that they leave will commonly damage insulation.

Opossum- This marsupial is known to break into sub floors and plumbing voids. In addition to causing damage to the structure, they can introduce fleas and terrible odors to your home.

Snakes- Snakes abound in the Gulf Coast area. Most species are non-venomous, but there are six venomous species that are known to inhabit this area. If you are seeing snakes on a regular basis we can implement a program to solve this concern.

Armadillos- These pests are common and are known for their propensity to damage lawns and gardens. If your property is under attack, we’ve got your back.

Birds- A variety of birds will quickly cross the line and become nuisance pests when they try to nest or live in your home. They cause damage and leave unsightly droppings wherever they perch. We offer solutions that find these birds a new home. We also have solutions for Geese as well.

Bats- The bats in our area are typically very small. They can enter your attic/home through very small spaces. They are known to vector rabies and their droppings can be linked to diseases like histoplasmosis and dysentery.

Ensec will get rid of these pests allowing you to rest easy and reclaim your home and property. Ensec is the solution to your wildlife concerns. Click here for a free consultation and estimate for our Wildlife Trapping Services. If you would rather, call us at 877-973-6732 and discuss your concerns with a certified pest professional.

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