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Keeping Insects Out of Your Home

roach card
Some people like insects, while others would be happy if they never saw any bugs at all. However, whether you like them or not, you probably don’t want them to invade your home. Roaches, ants, fleas and more cause problems for homeowners that can be frustrating and unsanitary. Still, keeping them out of your home is often easier said than done. The good news is that there are steps you can take to discourage bugs from taking up residence in your home. The sooner you get started, the easier it will be to get a handle on your situation. Deal With The Doors Examine your doors while they are closed. You don’t want to see light coming in anywhere; if you do see it peeking through, that means that bugs have a way to get into the house. In addition, you are letting air escape from the home as well,...
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Common Places Where You Might Find Rodents in Your Home

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Rodents are challenging pests to manage because they tend to hide in unusual places. Homeowners can sometimes spend days searching for rodents before finding nests in an unexpected area. If you have found rodents in your home, it is important to recognize that these pests are unlikely to leave on their own. Rodents can carry food to their nests, so you might not see them for several days while they wait for a safe opportunity to search for nourishment. Finding the rodents in your home is an important initial step toward returning to living free of pests.  Under Couches Couches are a favorite hiding spot for rodents looking to establish a nest. Most couches are made with soft materials that are ideal for burrowing. Rodents are also able to eat some of the materials that are used to build couches. Worst of all, many homeowners consume food while sitting on...
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Common Diseases Mosquitoes Can Carry

Mosquito on skin
Most mosquito bites are just itchy and annoying. Sometimes, though, they can lead to illness. While there's no reason to panic, you should know that the list of diseases that mosquitoes carry includes the following. 1. Dengue Fever Four different viruses can bring about the infection known as dengue fever. Common in tropical regions, these viruses enter people's bodies through mosquito bites and reproduce rapidly. Eventually, an afflicted person will experience acute symptoms like back pain and an extreme fever. 2. Encephalitis Encephalitis is an inflammation of the brain. Patients who suffer from this disease may experience seizures, brain damage, high fevers, and other major problems. There are various types of encephalitis, including Western Equine and Eastern Equine. St. Louis encephalitis poses the greatest danger to residents of Florida and Alabama. 3. Malaria Malaria generally affects people who live in or travel to places near the equator. It attacks blood...
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Benefits of Using Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Methods

Integrated pest management, or IPM, helps home and business owners maintain pest-free homes. Keeping pests at bay is a must for your health and comfort. Rodents, as well as some spiders and insects, pose a variety of threats to the safety and well-being of both pets and people. Even harmless varieties cause psychological discomfort, making pest control and prevention essential. Ensec Pest & Lawn, serving communities in Alabama and Florida, explains why IPM is a smart option. What Is Integrated Pest Management? The main goal in using IPM is to reduce the amount of pesticide used. While pesticides are effective at preventing and eradicating most types of pests, it's beneficial to people, animals and the planet to use fewer of them. An IPM treatment plan begins with the following steps: Pest identification Monitoring pest populations and their behavior Setting thresholds for when action must be taken Once problem areas have...
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How to Keep Mosquitoes Away

How to Keep Mosquitos Away
Summer is in full swing--and so are the mosquito populations! Mosquitoes are all too common to our beautiful Gulf Coast area. They are called the deadliest animal on the planet because the 3,000-known species of mosquito transmits more diseases than any other animal on the planet. All mosquito species are capable of carrying disease. However, three in particular are known for being the deadliest: Anopheles, Culex, and Aedes. Between them, these three species can transmit malaria, filariasis (elephantiasis), encephalitis, West Nile, yellow fever, and dengue. Not every mosquito carries a deadly disease. But, their uncomfortable bite—in addition to the possibility of disease—is an important reason to take as many precautions as possible to keep them from you and your home. Tips for Keeping Mosquitoes Away from Your Body Keeping mosquitoes from biting you, especially if you are trying to enjoy the beautiful summer and fall weather in Florida and Alabama,...
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How to Have a Pest-Free Summer Picnic

Mowing lawn
Mosquitoes , bees, ants and other pests will jump at the chance to ruin your summer picnic if you give them the opportunity. Allowing pests to spoil the fun will ruin the experience of your guests, and they might not want to come back as a result. If you don't want to fall into that trap, you are likely searching for a way to have a pest-free picnic, which is not as hard as you might think. With the right tips near the top of your mind, you can have an unbeatable picnic without unwanted guests causing problems. Keep Your Yard Clean Having a clean yard that is free of clutter will work wonders for anyone who wants to keep pests away. You can start by mowing your lawn and trimming the shrubs around your yard, and you will be on track. Fleas and ticks love to sit in the...
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3 Tips on Keeping Your Pet Pest Free

Fire ants in grass
No matter what you do or where you live, you will encounter pests when you go outside if you don't know how to avoid them. Most people understand the importance of protecting themselves from common invaders when they venture outdoors, but they often overlook the fact that pests can also bother their pets. You must take steps to safeguard your pets if you don't want mosquitoes , ants and other invaders to cause problems for them. Use a Mosquito Fogger Treating your yard for mosquitoes is a great place to start when your goal is to keep pests away from your pets. If you don't keep these flying parasites at bay, they can enter your yard and annoy your cats and dogs, but they can also spread harmful diseases. Take a trip to your local department store to pick up a mosquito fogger that will get the job done in...
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Getting Rid Of Roaches: Preventative Steps For Homeowners

No one wants to see a roach in their home. Roaches are unsanitary, difficult to kill and can even transmit diseases. Unfortunately, it is not unusual to have a roach infestation in the southeast. They typically go into hibernation in the winter and then become active again in the spring, which is why you may see more activity now than you did a few months (or even weeks!) ago. It isn’t easy to eliminate roaches from your property once an infestation takes hold. That is why it is important to do everything in your power to stop the problem before it starts. There are a few steps you can take that will make a difference. Avoid Spray The best way to kill roaches is with baits. Not only are they easy to apply, but they are relatively safe as well. Using spray, on the other hand, is not a good...
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Why Do Roaches Infest Homes?

Cockroaches are a homeowner's worst nightmare. In addition to the disgusting smell that roaches give off, these pests can also create health hazards for people with allergies or asthma. Roaches can hide in unusual places, such as under appliances, inside cabinets, or even behind floorboards. If you find roaches in your home , there are a wide variety of reasons why these pests may have found their way inside. In most cases, roaches will not go away on their own with common remedies, such as cleaning your house or moving pets. To understand how to address your roach problems, you must start by taking the time to study how roaches are getting inside your house. Why Roaches Infest Homes There are a wide variety of reasons why roaches can be attracted to a home, but food is the most common reason why roaches enter a property. Roaches have an extraordinary...
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Summer Pests In The Southeast

Mosquito on skin
With summer right around the corner, it’s already time to start thinking about your summer pest control plan. Summers in the southeast are hot and humid, conditions that allow a wide variety of pest populations to flourish. Here are five bugs that may give you some trouble this year, along with strategies to help deal with them. Ants Ants are a problem all over the country, but their numbers are particularly prolific in the southeast. These little pests are looking for food and shelter, and once they are inside your home, they leave a pheromone trail so that other ants know where to go. Not only are ants a pain, but some species do damage as well. For example, carpenter ants affect the structure of your home, and fire ant bites can cause an allergic reaction. To cut down on the likelihood of an infestation, make sure your kitchen is...
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Tips on How to Prevent Pests From Entering Your Pantry

Most people want to keep their homes free from pests and hate to see roaches, mice , ants, spiders and other pests inside. Finding evidence of these pests can be especially disturbing when they have been inside of your pantry. Pests are drawn to the different types of food sources that can be found in your pantry. When they feed on those food sources, they can contaminate your food and make both you and your family sick. Fortunately, it is possible for you to keep your pantry free from pests with a little work. 1. Seal All of Your Food Supplies Pests are able to get into your food through very tiny openings. Instead of storing your pantry items in the cardboard boxes or paper bags that they came in from the store, try storing them inside of airtight, plastic containers. This can help to keep bugs out of your...
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Keeping Your Pets Pest Free This Spring

No matter what you do or where you live, you will encounter pests when you go outside if you don't know how to avoid them. Most people understand the importance of protecting themselves from common invaders when they venture outdoors, but they often overlook the fact that pests can also bother their pets. You must take steps to safeguard your pets if you don't want mosquitoes, ants and other invaders to cause problems for them.  Here in our beautiful, warm region, the likelihood of pests causing problems to your pets can be even higher than cooler climates. Read on for some tips about how to keep your pets pest-free, happy, and healthy this Spring. Use a Mosquito Fogger Treating your yard for mosquitoes is a great place to start when your goal is to keep pests away from your pets. If you don't keep these flying parasites at bay, they...
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Spring Pests in the Panhandle

Florida lawn
Spring is an amazing time of year, and in the Florida panhandle, we are lucky enough to be able to get outside and enjoy the Spring sooner than residents in other parts of the country. However, just like we enjoy the warming weather, so do the pests that love to call our region home! In addition to seasonal allergy culprits in the air during the Springtime, such as pollen, there are also many pests that can pose health risks as well. To safeguard ourselves and our families against harmful pests and the dangers they can pose, it is important to be aware of the insects you can expect to see this Spring in our beautiful Panhandle region. The local pest control technicians of Ensec Pest Control are very knowledgeable about the various pests that plague our region. Contact Ensec today to find out more about how to receive a customized...
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Preparing For Summer: What You Can Do About Mosquitoes Now

Mosquito on plant
It’s hard to enjoy spending time outdoors when mosquitoes are swarming and their bites leave itchy red welts all over your body. While you may not see as many in the spring, now is the perfect time to starting preparing for these little pests. It is not unusual to have quite a bit of rainfall in March, April and May, and that moisture allows mosquitoes to breed and increase their numbers dramatically. By taking a few steps to control the population now, you’ll be able to reclaim your summer and enjoy spending time outside again. Why Is Spring Treatment Necessary? Just because you don’t see them in the winter doesn’t mean that all the mosquitoes have died. They essentially sleep during the cold weather, and they also lay a bunch of eggs in preparation for the months ahead. In the South, those eggs can even start hatching before spring officially...
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Tips For Lawn Care Success

Green grass and tresss
In order to keep your lawn looking great in the summer, it is essential to work on it during the spring. That doesn’t mean you have to spend hours every weekend on your grass; the tasks ahead of you aren’t complicated, but they will help ensure that your lawn looks its best in the coming months. 1. Pick Up A lot can happen to your lawn over the winter. Your first step in this process is to pick up any debris that is cluttering your lawn, including branches and twigs. Get rid of anything that shouldn’t be there. Take a rake to the grass to make sure you don’t leave any dead blades behind. Compost what you can, and put the rest in the trash. 2. Test Your Soil Have you tested your soil at any point in the past few years? If not, it is important to do so,...
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How to Avoid Bringing Home Bedbugs From Spring Break

bedbug card
If you are among the many people who plan to go on vacation for spring break, you will need to keep an eye out for bedbugs if you don't want to bring the pests home. Bedbugs will gladly make a nest near your bed if you give them the opportunity, coming out to feed at night.  The good news is that you can enjoy your trip without worrying about bedbugs when you keep a few tips in mind. The right strategy and a little dedication will prevent bedbugs from causing problems, and you will know that you have made the right choice. Use the Internet Online review sites are a great resource for those who want to avoid bedbugs over spring break. If the invaders have infested the hotel at which you booked your reservation, other guests will likely write about it online, making the internet a valuable tool.  Check...
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The Benefits of Lawn Service

If you want to keep your  lawn in great shape so that it will have an impressive visual appeal and enhance the appearance of your home, you are likely wondering where you should turn for help. A professional lawn service can take your yard to the next level in no time. Save Time Caring for your lawn and keeping it in good shape throughout the year is not a simple or easy task. In addition to mowing your grass, you will also need to reduce weeds and provide your yard with nutrients to give it a vibrant glow. Completing these tasks can take a lot of time that you could be using to work on other projects. When you let a lawn care expert get the job done, you will have much more free time to focus on other areas of your life. Keep Your Yard at Its Best Even...
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Ant Control Myths

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Ants never take a break. They're always building and repairing their mounds, searching for food and creating more members to expand their colonies. As the ant population grows in your yard, you'll see the pests start to move indoors on their search for food. If you take ant control into your own hands, you'll find out for yourself how resilient these little pests can be. Debunking 3 Ant Control Myths You can kill them with grits. Grits will expand when they're soaked in water. Therefore, people believe that feeding grits to ants will cause their stomachs to explode, thus killing the ants as they feed. No matter if you use grits, rice or oatmeal, these foods will not eliminate an ant colony from your property. Common ingredients from the cupboard work. People will use many different household ingredients to treat ants. Whether it's vinegar, cinnamon or an herbal oil, none...
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3 Common Pests to Keep an Eye On

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Numerous pest species thrive in the South thanks to its consistent heat and humidity. The climate here gives pests plenty of time to stay active even during the winter. Unfortunately, some of these pests make their homes in the yards and houses of residents in our service area. If you're wondering which pests to look out for, EnSec has the scoop on the most common residential pests in the Panhandle and Alabama's Gulf Coast. 3 Common Residential Pests Fire Ants Fire ants aren't like other ant species. These ants build large dirt mounds in yards across the South, each mound containing thousands of colony members. Fire ants work together to expand their colony and to defend it against intruders, including you and your pets. Stepping on a fire ant mound causes the pests to attack at once, leaving behind painful welts and causing allergic reactions in some people. Mosquitoes Mosquitoes...
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Warning Signs of an Unhealthy Lawn

Lush, green lawns give a home instant curbside appeal. When the grass seems dead, it can make your entire property look uninviting. Even if you water and mow regularly, other factors can keep your grass from looking its best. EnSec Pest & Lawn wants to help you spot the warning signs of unhealthy grass before your yard turns into a disaster area. 3 Signs of an Unhealthy Lawn It has brown patches or bald spots. Brown patches and bald spots can occur for many reasons. Fungi may have developed on your lawn, or a drought could keep the grass from growing and thriving. Certain pests may lurk beneath the surface and attack the roots, killing the grass while staying out of sight. A professional lawn technician can diagnose the problem and take the appropriate action. Weeds have popped up everywhere. Weeds are a common sign of an unhealthy or a...
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