Mobile's Step-By-Step Guide To Keeping German Roaches Out Of Your Home

cockroach dead on tile floor

If you have cockroaches in your Mobile home, they are most likely German cockroaches. These pests are notorious for being incredibly harmful to human health, as well as for being nearly impossible to get rid of. If you are dealing with German cockroaches, read on to learn more about why you shouldn’t ignore the problem, and how EnSec Pest & Lawn can help your home be safe, secure, and roach-free today.

How To Identify German Cockroaches

There are many different types of cockroaches in Mobile; however, the ones most likely to invade your kitchen and pantries are German cockroaches. You’ll be able to easily determine if they’re German roaches by the way they look. Growing up to half an inch in length, German roaches are brown in color, with six legs, a set of antennae, and wings; however, they rarely use them. The hallmark characteristic of theirs is that they have two dark, almost parallel stripes running down their backs. Because there are so many different types of cockroaches, if you aren’t sure what you’re dealing with, call the service team members at EnSec Pest & Lawn for help identifying your problem today.

German Cockroaches And Food-Borne Pathogens

It’s important to get rid of cockroaches the second you find evidence of them in your home. These pests spread very harmful diseases to people, simply because they have access to areas where you store and prepare food as well as cooking implements. Below are some of the most common illnesses you could contract from a German roach infestation:

  • Campylobacteriosis: Considered one of the more severe gastrointestinal illnesses, this results in a number of symptoms including diarrhea, vomiting, stomach cramps, and high fever.
  • Listeriosis: This illness can cause fever and flu-like symptoms as well as diarrhea and vomiting. People who are elderly, pregnant, or immunocompromised are at particular risk from listeriosis.
  • Salmonellosis: Eating food contaminated with salmonella can lead to this illness, which causes fever, stomach cramps, and diarrhea.

This is not an exhaustive list of illnesses that roaches can spread to you. There are many, many more. This is why it is so important to seek professional help if you spot signs of German roaches in your home. Our service team members will expertly eliminate your entire infestation without anyone in your household being exposed to a harmful illness.

Step-By-Step Guide To Getting Rid Of German Roaches

The most effective form of cockroach control is prevention. While professional cockroach treatment is almost always needed to permanently eliminate an existing infestation, there are some things you can do today to help prevent the roaches from coming back or getting worse:

  • Seal up holes: To prevent roaches from accessing your home, seal up any holes, gaps, or cracks they may be using as entry points. 
  • Take out the trash: Keep trash in a secure container with a tight-fitting lid and make sure to take it out of your home regularly. Check before replacing the bag that there is not food residue on the bottom of the trash can.
  • Store food properly: Put food in sturdy, sealed containers to keep roaches out. Also ensure that you clean up any dropped food or spills, and pay special attention behind and underneath appliances.

Every home is at risk of a cockroach infestation, no matter how clean, but these steps will help make your home less appealing to these pests. The team at EnSec Pest & Lawn will implement proven prevention strategies and ensure the roaches don’t come back once they're gone.

How Professional Cockroach Control In Mobile Can Help

Cockroaches have evolved to be resistant to over-the-counter pest control products and treatments, so store-bought bait and traps will be ineffective. It takes professional-grade tools and treatments not available to the general public to get rid of these pests, as well as skill and knowledge. The service team members at EnSec Pest & Lawn have all of that and more; we take the time to do things the right way, the first time. If you’re struggling with German roaches, give us a call for help today.