Everything You Need To Know About Cockroach Control In Mobile

American cockroach on a toothbrush

Unfortunately, Alabama does not have a cockroach season. These tiny and filthy insects are active in this area all year long. If you see cockroaches in your home, EnSec Pest & Lawn is here to help. We have been providing pest control in Mobile for over two decades. Here is a look at everything you need to know about eliminating cockroaches from your property.

Types Of Cockroaches You Can Find In Mobile

There are several types of cockroaches in Mobile. Here is a look at some of the different roaches that you are most likely to find in your home:

  • Smokybrown: This cockroach gets its name from the deep smokey-brown color on its body. When fully grown, the smokybrown cockroach is about 1 ½ inches long. It likes to live in heavily wooded areas but travels indoors as well.
  • German: The German cockroach has a light-brown body about 1/2 an inch long. This species commonly inhabits commercial locations such as hotels and restaurants.
  • American: The American cockroach can grow to about 2 1/8 inches long, making it the largest cockroach to invade Mobile homes.
  • Oriental: Despite its name, the oriental cockroach originated in Africa. This roach species has a shiny black body that is only about an inch long. They are also commonly referred to as waterbugs because they like to hang around water.
  • Asian: The Asian cockroach has a light brown body with two dark brown lines that run parallel down its back. This cockroach species has a large pair of wings on its back to fly around and search for food.

All of the cockroaches on this list can be invasive creatures that will come into your home if they cannot find a viable food and water source outside.

Cockroaches In Your Home Could Be Making You Sick

Cockroaches are disgusting insects that spend the majority of their lives crawling across unsanitary surfaces. Throughout their day, cockroaches can pick up a wide range of bacteria and viruses. When they crawl around your home, they can spread these viruses to you. Some of the illnesses that you could catch from having cockroaches in your house include:

  • Salmonellosis
  • Dysentery
  • Cholera
  • Giardia
  • Listeriosis
  • Campylobacteriosis
  • Leprosy

Some of these illnesses can be life-threatening. If you have a cockroach infestation inside of your home and you start to run a fever or feel unwell, you should talk to your doctor immediately.

What To Do If You Have Cockroaches In Your Home

Cockroaches will come into your home in search of food, shelter, and water. To keep them out of your house, you have to make these three necessities inaccessible. Some of the things that you can do to deter cockroaches from your home include:

  • Keep your food items in a sealable container.
  • Don't leave open food packages out in your home.
  • Fix any leaky faucets or pipes around your house.

It is also a good idea to inspect the outside of your home to check for any gaps, cracks, or other entry points. If you see any, seal them off immediately.

The Trick To Getting Rid Of Cockroaches In Your Home

If you notice even one cockroach in your Mobile area home, contact a professional home pest control specialist as soon as possible. At EnSec Pest & Lawn, we have years of experience dealing with the common cockroaches in this area. Call us today for a free estimate.