The Key To A Healthier Landscape For Your Pensacola Home

FL home landscaping

In this region, homeowners often encounter significant challenges in maintaining the health and appearance of their property’s natural exterior environment. Part of the problem involves a lack of knowledge regarding the many variable factors, such as properly identifying different grasses, working with soil that contains excessive amounts of sand or clay, and managing the flow of water on the premises.

Are you in need of professional landscaping services for your property? Promptly contact a Pensacola landscaping company that will perform lawn aeration service, lawn cutting service, and advanced fertilization.

The Benefits Of Professional Landscaping

Why should I consider a professional lawn service and landscaping provider? Some of the great benefits that property owners enjoy when choosing a local professional include:

  • Most property owners experience a sense of pride after having professional landscaping services. 
  • Reduced clutter in garages, storage sheds, and other areas filled with yard tools and equipment.
  • Many people find that having professional services frees up time for activities that they prefer and really enjoy. 
  • Less physical strain or potential for injuries to your body that often occurs from performing repetitive tasks and moving heavy equipment.  
  • Many homeowners realize overall cost savings.

Professional landscaping services may improve the property's appearance and reduce stress while remaining affordable.

Why Are My Shrubs Dying?

Shrubs often die from unexpected or unseasonal weather conditions such as cold spells. Many shrubs will die from excessive amounts of water or a lack of water. In some cases, individuals apply too much fertilizer or will use the incorrect type of product.

Are The Bugs In Pensacola Killing Off My Trees?

Trees in this region may have susceptibilities to a host of pests based on the type of tree and different regional factors. Dogwood borers have a “wasp-like” appearance with black and yellow markings and clear wings. The females place eggs on the tree, where they develop into larvae, which will “bore” through the bark and create significant damage.

The Asian Citrus Psyllid is an insect that produces a “wax-like” substance that resembles white dust. These creatures carry a damaging bacterium that impairs a tree’s internal vascular system that prevents the needed transfer of nutrients.

Pine bark beetles have a brown or black appearance and a long, rounded body style that rarely exceeds 1/8 of one inch. Although small in size, these pests target weak trees and develop a massive colony with others. A process known as “girdling” where they remove tree bark is the most common type of damage.

Let EnSec Pest & Lawn Provide Your Lawn With Some TLC

The professionals with EnSec Pest & Lawn provide high-quality residential lawn service for homeowners in this region. We recently developed a Healthy Landscape Program that creates a strong, healthy, and attractive exterior environment. Our experts transform yards into lush environments through various best practices involving professional lawn fertilizing services, pest and disease control, and attention to detail.

Our knowledgeable staff offers year-round residential programs that include regular treatment visits that deliver positive results. Keep in mind that we always stand proudly behind the quality of our work with a customer satisfaction guarantee that is one component of a comprehensive service commitment.

We develop truly customized solutions that always start with a detailed property assessment and lawn analysis. Our technicians understand the importance of performing fertilization during the appropriate times throughout the year that consider key factors, including exposure to sunlight or shade, recent rainfall or drought, and a host of others. We use many of the latest products for pre-emergent weed protection and insect control that all ensure safety.

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