Are The Rats In Mobile Something To Be Worried About?

close up of a norway rat

Rats are much more intelligent than you might think. These rodents are rather adaptable creatures, and they’ve gotten used to living alongside humans over the centuries. In the process, they've become dependent on humans for their survival in many areas of the country. This means that the rats in Mobile can be very invasive and adept at living in your home or business. Having rats in your Mobile home is also more than just a nuisance. These rodents can also be dangerous, so this guide is here to help you learn more about effective rodent control.

How Big Can The Rats In Mobile Get?

While mice are also a common pest, rats are much larger. These pests can pose similar issues to homeowners, but rats can be a bit more intimidating to come across. The two main rat species are Norway rats and roof rats. 

Norway rats are great swimmers and a bit larger than roof rats as they can be ten inches in length or more. Roof rats, which are great at climbing,  aren’t much smaller as they can be eight inches in length.  Norway rats are brownish-gray in color, while roof rats are dark brown to black. 

How Dangerous Is It To Have Rats On My Mobile Property?

There are many problems that rats can cause. For one thing, they can chew through all kinds of materials such as plastic, drywall, plaster, wires, pipes, and more. This means they can damage your home's structures and your personal belongings. They can destroy everything from clothing to books to electrical wires. 

Along with property damage, rats can also bring about many dangers to your health. They can spread many diseases such as salmonella, rat-bite fever, and hantavirus. They can also cause allergic reactions and asthma attacks as they leave behind fur, urine, and droppings throughout your property. This can also create a big mess in your home as they slink around and leave feces, and urine, which can be a danger to you and anyone else in your household. 

Why Is It So Hard To Get Rid Of Rats In Mobile?

While rats can be dangerous and destructive, preventing rats is also a challenge. They are prolific and can reproduce quickly, and they can survive on small amounts of food. They can also easily climb or sneak into areas that are hard to reach, such as behind walls or in attics. 

This means that trying to prevent rats yourself usually doesn't work very well. You can try to use trap and bait products, but the only surefire way to get rodent control is with assistance from the pros at EnSec Of Alabama.

The Secret To Total Rat Control For Mobile Properties

If you suspect that rats may be around your property, contact the pest control experts at EnSec of Alabama. We will inspect your property and devise a treatment plan to eliminate the infestation. We also provide ongoing pest control plans to keep rats and other rodents away from your property throughout the year.