Why Lawn Care Is A Year-Round Effort In Mobile

front yard of a homes lawn that is trimmed

When you first purchased your home and property, what was the condition of your lawn? Was it immaculate, green, and lush, or was it nothing special to behold? How has this changed over the years? Do you put in hours a week to maintain your grass and landscaping, or is a quick mow all you have time to do? Regardless of how you treat your lawn, we are here today to offer you some options to make things better. Here is why lawn care is a year-round effort in Mobile and some methods you might use to keep your property looking great.


One thing we recommend to every lawn care connoisseur to keep their grass happy and healthy is to learn and incorporate fertilization techniques. Although this may seem as easy as buying a bag of fertilizer and sprinkling it on your lawn, this process is much more complex. To make sure you are providing the right nutrients to your yard, you have to know its PH balance. Once you have tested your soil, you then have to purchase the right fertilizer for your yard based on what you have found. Finally, you have to know when to apply the fertilizer. Most experts recommend doing this in early spring when soil temperatures reach 55 degrees. 

Thatch Control

Thatch is a layer of organic matter that builds up on lawns around the base of the grass. Too much thatch and your grass may become choked or impacted. To remove thatch from your lawn, there are a few different methods you might try. The first involves lowering your lawnmower blades. Be careful with this strategy as certain species of grass can become damaged when cut short. Other methods include applying products or using expensive thatch-control machines. We recommend being very careful with how you control your yard’s thatch as many methods also damage the grass if they are done improperly. 

Weed Control

Weeds are the bain to many lawns. In Mobile alone, there are dozens of harmful species that destroy grass and healthy plant growth in many different ways. Some weeds grow parallel to the ground and block out sunlight, others choke out grass and other plants by wrapping around them. Some species drain nutrients from the soil, starving out surrounding plant growth. 

To treat weeds, you first have to know how to identify them. Once you know what species are affecting your yard, you need to purchase a weed killer. You then have to know whether to use post-emergent treatments or preemergent and apply them in the right way across your yard. In our opinion, this is the most difficult aspect of lawn control and something that should absolutely be left to professionals.

Pest Control

Last but not least, pests are a huge problem for lawns. Ants build nests that suffocate nearby grass, aphids damage plant growth, gophers build unsightly burrows, grubs damage lawns, etc. To make things worse, each pest requires a different method for treatment. If you are able to identify what species are in your yard, you may be able to control them on your own. But this is difficult, and professional pest control is more effective. 

A Great Way To Keep Your Lawn Healthy

If you have time on your hands and are willing to do the research to become a lawn care professional, we wish you the best of luck. If you want an easier and more affordable solution to your yard’s health, trust the experts at EnSec. We are experts in both pest control and lawn care strategies and would be happy to assist you in maintaining a beautiful and healthy lawn.

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