Everything You Need To Know About Fire Ants In Pensacola

fire ant on a white paper

Fire ants are a species you might have heard of before as they are somewhat notorious. These ants in Pensacola are known for their painful stings that leave a burning sensation that is quite painful. Fire ants in Pensacola bite the skin and then use their stinger to inject venom into the animal or human they are attacking. These ants are a rather invasive species, and they do pose some dangers to residents. Learn more about fire ants, including how to get effective fire ant control.

What Do Fire Ants In Pensacola Look Like?

Fire ants aren’t native to the United States or North America. Instead, they are from South America and were imported here through various methods. Their population has exploded and has driven away native ants in the area. You can identify fire ants by their reddish-brown or reddish coloration. They are also relatively small and rarely get much bigger than 1/4th of an inch long.

The other way to identify fire ants is by their aggressive nature and the painful stings they can inflict. They will attack anyone they think is threatening their nests, and they are known to attack in groups.

How Dangerous Are Fire Ant Bites In Pensacola?

Fire ants are usually found outdoors in piles of dirt. They dig into the ground and build their colonies. If you accidentally step on the entrance to one of these nests, the worker fire ants will defend the nests. This means you could get multiple strings at once. Beyond being quite painful, fire ants' venom can lead to various reactions. These reactions and side effects can be rather severe in some cases, and it’s hard to predict ahead of time how you’re going to respond. 

Is It Possible To Have An Allergic Reaction To Fire Ants In Pensacola?

One of the main reasons people are hospitalized or have serious side effects from fire ants is allergies. Some people can have a severe adverse reaction to the fire ant's venom. The strength of these allergies can also range.

Overall, most fire ant stings won’t lead to hospitalization, but it's a possibility. It's best to avoid being stung, especially if you have an unknown allergy.

Fire Ant Prevention Tips For Pensacola Homes

Because fire ants can be potentially dangerous and because they can be invasive, it’s crucial to take ant prevention measures around your property. Some of the best ant prevention tips and tricks include:

  • Remove food sources for fire ants to forage around the property. This can be done by keeping food and drink spills cleaned up in outdoor eating areas, getting lids for trash bins, and keeping gardens maintained and free of old fruits and produce.
  • Seal up entry points around your home to keep fire ants from getting inside. You can repair broken screens in doors and windows, place door sweeps and weather stripping, and fix holes in the walls and foundation.
  • Reduce humidity around the yard by clearing out gutters and removing areas where water can pool. 

The last and most important ant control tip is to contact the professionals at EnSec Of Florida. Please find out more about our ant prevention and removal options by calling us today.