The Trick To Keeping Your Mobile Lawn Healthy Year-Round

Mobile, AL healthy lawn

If you didn’t know, lawns tell secrets, some of which that are not true. An unkempt lawn tells passers-by that their owner is neglectful, poor, or too busy to care. A lush and green lawn, on the other hand, suggests wealth, an owner’s pride over their property, or their willingness to put in care and effort. Unlike many individuals living around Mobile, we understand that your lawn’s look does not reflect who you are; however, this does not change the fact that a happy and healthy lawn has many benefits. Here is a simple trick you should know to help you keep your Mobile lawn lush and beautiful year-round.

How Difficult Is It To Manage A Healthy Lawn?

There is a good reason more people don’t have a lush, green lawn. Constant maintenance is required to fight back against weeds, dry spots, plant-eating pests, and other lawn threats. For many homeowners, mowing their grass once a week is about as much effort as they have to give. If you lack the time, energy, and finances to research and implement proper weed control, fertilization techniques, moisture mitigation, and pest control strategies around your property, then it may be best for you to get a professional involved. If you are up for the task, here are a few things you should know.

PH Is Important

Different soil has different PH balances. The soil around your property is much different than your neighbor’s soil down the street. While this fact may not seem important, the PH level of your lawn’s soil directly affects which fertilizer you need to buy. If you have ever walked through the lawn care section at a home improvement store, you know there are hundreds of different fertilizers to choose from. Pick the wrong one, and you could damage your lawn more than help it.

Weeds Kill Lawns

There are dozens of species of weeds here in Alabama. All affect grass in different ways and must be treated with different methods and products. To properly eliminate and prevent weeds around your property, do your research, and be thorough. The only way you will ever win against weeds is to know your stuff.

Pests Are A Huge Pain

Many pests in Mobile love to tunnel beneath lawns, chew on roots, and damage grass. Just like with weeds, different pests require different methods of treatment. One problem many homeowners face with lawn pests is applying treatments improperly. Use too much of a pest control product, or apply it in the wrong location, and you could put your family and pets at risk of digesting it or coming in contact with these dangerous chemicals.

Grass Needs Moisture, But Not Too Much

Lawns need water to survive. The question is, how much water does your's need. Every lawn is different. How much water your lawn needs all depends on what season it is, the amount of rainfall in your area, and your grass and soil's current condition. Determining these factors is often difficult and takes a certain level of knowledge to get right.

Why Professional Lawn Care Is Best

The only way to ensure your lawn gets and stays healthy year-round is to hire a professional. At EnSec, we combine quality lawn care with advanced pest control in order to give your grass everything it needs to stay lush and green. We have done our research and know what products and methods work best and have the tools and equipment necessary to get the job done right.

Call or reach out to our team to learn more about our lawn care programs and find one that best suits your individual needs. Learn more about our pest control and lawn care services in Mobile, AL.