FAQs About The Ants That Live In Mobile

Velvety tree ants

Ants are among the most common residential pests plaguing Mobile homeowners. Ants are diligent workers that aggressively hunt for sources of food and may travel through trash and other areas where germs flourish. In many cases, homeowners will notice a small group of pesky ants indoors and underestimate the massive number of invading ants that will likely follow. 

Ants belong to the family Formicidae, and more than 10,000 different species exist in the world today. Ants are primarily social creatures that form huge colonies with others. Ants have a body with antennae, six legs, and a somewhat durable exoskeleton that affords them some protection.  

Because of their relatively small size, ants often enter a property through tiny openings. For this reason, property owners must employ measures that effectively limit access—particularly around doors and windows.

How do you get rid of ants that invade homes? The best course of action involves contacting a local pest exterminator. An experienced Mobile pest control professional understands the best methods how to get rid of tiny ants and knows what keeps ants away from the premises.

How Do Ants Feed Themselves?

Ants have excellent sensory abilities that allow for detecting food. Although they lack teeth, ants have a strong jaw (mandible) that allows for breaking pieces of food into a manageable size.

As omnivorous creatures that behave as scavengers, ants eat a variety of foods. Some of the most common include:

  • Many species will eat meats and small insects.
  • In natural, outdoor environments, ants might consume plants, seeds, or nectar.
  • They also eat sap and the eggs of other insects.
  • When inside a home, ants often demonstrate a preference for sweets and greasy foods.

Sometimes you can see a group of ants working together by carrying a large piece of food back toward the nest. Consuming an omnivorous diet allows ants to travel into different environments knowing that they will adapt to whatever food sources exist.

How Do Ants Build Their Ant Hills?

A common misconception exists that ants in Mobile live within the hills or mounds they form. Ants actually will burrow into the ground and form “tunnel-like” passages that offer them some protection. As they burrow, ants extract sand and soil, accumulating and forming the ant hills.

What Happens If You Interrupt Ant Trail?

If a human encounters a “trail” of ants, expect these tiny creatures to flee the area. Keep in mind that ants emit pheromone chemicals that serve as a means of communication with others; therefore, once a few ants locate a food source in your home, expect others to emerge in droves.

It is critically important to thoroughly remove the pheromonal scent from the surface and surrounding areas. One simple way of erasing the scent is creating and applying a mixture of vinegar and water; however, most household cleaning agents will also likely suffice. Regardless, to be safe, professional ant pest control services are your best bet.

Professional Ant Control For Mobile Homes

EnSec Pest & Lawn provides top-quality ant control for homeowners in the greater Mobile region using many of the latest products and application methods. In addition, our technicians know how to stop ants from infiltrating the property's exterior in the future, which typically involves implementing various exclusionary measures.

Our organization is a full-service provider that will also effectively oust infestations involving cockroaches, termites, bed bugs, and many other troublesome critters that invade homes. While operating in an efficient manner is one of our primary goals, we will not compromise the safety of our customers, their pets, or the local physical environment. In the interests of safety, we often deploy eco-friendly product options that meet or exceed the standards of various agencies and advocates.

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