Are You Struggling With Fire Ants In Your Pensacola Yard?

fire ants fighting over food

Of all the different types of ants, fire ants are some of the most dangerous. They are attracted to food scraps like many other insects; they also can inflict painful bites during which they will inject a venom that can cause anything from infections to death. You should get medical help as soon as possible if a fire ant has bitten you.

If you suspect that fire ants have made your property their new home, now is the time to learn what a fire ant looks like, why they got attracted to your house, and how to eliminate them. Fire ants are difficult to get rid of with DIY methods and are dangerous pests. If you are dealing with an infestation, EnSec provides pest control in Pensacola you can rely on to put an end to it quickly and permanently.

What Does A Fire Ant Look Like?

Fire ants are reddish-brown in color. Equipped with a stinger and venom, fire ants will not hesitate to attack if they feel threatened or to protect their colony, hence their name. If you find a fire ant hill in your yard, do not attempt to disturb it, as you might get bitten repeatedly, which could lead to serious health complications. Fire ant hills look like loose piles of dirt, and they are often more numerous after rainfalls.

Where Do Fire Ants Come From?

Fire ants originated from South America and came to the United States via boat in the 1930s. Incredibly hardy, they have been able to adapt and thrive in most locations and can be found around the globe. One queen can lay 800 eggs a day, making the fire ant a pest that can go from a small population to an out-of-control infestation very quickly. If you find fire ants or fire ant hills on your property, it is crucial that you act quickly to get rid of them with the help of a pest control professional who can do it safely.

What Is Attracting Fire Ants To My Property?

Because fire ants can be dangerous, it is vital to take steps to deter them, especially if you’ve suffered from an infestation in the past. There are several reasons why fire ants might attract to your property, including:

  • Food Scraps: Always clean your kitchen and dining areas regularly, as food scraps are a good source of sustenance for fire ants.
  • Damaged Walls & Foundations: Examine your property for cracks through which fire ants might come in.
  • Gaps In Windows & Doors: When it comes to pest control, it is generally a good idea to have windows and doors fitted with fine mesh screens, and door sweeps to make it more difficult for fire ants and other insects to come in.
  • Water Sources: Much like cockroaches, fire ants can go for a while without food, but they need a regular and easily accessible water source. Try to avoid keeping standing water on your property and fix leaks whenever possible.
  • Stored Food: If you have stored food in your home, keep it in tightly sealed containers.

If you find fire ants in your home or just a fire ant mound in your yard, you could quickly end up with a lot more. A pest control company can help determine the extent of the infestation and provide you with treatment options and advice to keep them from coming back once exterminated.

How Can I Protect My Family From A Fire Ant Infestation?

If you have fire ants on your property, protecting your family from an infestation needs to be a priority. Fire ant bites can lead to health issues such as infections, allergic reactions, and even death, especially if several bites happen at once. The best strategy is to combine DIY prevention methods like keeping walls, windows, and doors in good condition, keeping food scraps away from fire ants, and help from pest control experts. 

If you’ve found yourself with red fire ants on your property, now is the time to take action. EnSec provides safe and effective fire ant control for your Pensacola home you can rely on to put an end to your fire ant problem quickly and for good.