Six Simple Yet Effective Ways To Keep Ants Out Of Your Pensacola Home

ants on a sandwich

Ants have a three-part body that consists of the head, abdomen, and thorax. Despite being small, they are healthy, have six legs, antennae, and exist in many different colors. Ants are social creatures that typically form colonies of males, workers, and a queen, which work together to source food, reproduce, and defend their nest. Although many types are mostly a nuisance, some species can deliver a painful bite when threatened. Many are known to carry pathogens, including salmonellosis, clostridium, cholera, and other harmful problems. 

Ant Behavior And Sources Of Food

Ants are omnivores that will consume most of the same foods humans do if provided with the opportunity. These creatures boast odor receptors on their antennae that allow them to locate food sources near their nest promptly. If an ant infiltrates your home and finds food, they release pheromones that are chemicals, which serve as a means of communication with others.    Some property owners may detect ants when those with wings gather in swarms as part of their mating process. Swarming ants are sometimes mistaken for termites, which partake in similar group rituals. 

Six Best Practices For Preventing Ant Intrusions

  1. Part of any effort to prevent ants from entering your home should begin with limiting easy access from the exterior. Promptly repair any holes in screens and check the seals around exterior doors and windows for any openings.
  2. Use a durable sealant or caulk to fill gaps and cracks in the foundation. 
  3. Prevent water problems by regularly cleaning gutters and downspouts. Fix leaking spigots and limit any pooling water.   
  4. Place leftover food in a sturdy sealed container, and don’t leave out dirty dishes overnight. Remove uneaten pet food, particularly in exterior areas such as garages or patios. The trash can in the kitchen should have a tightly fitting lid. 
  5. Clean up spills immediately. Thoroughly wipe crumbs from countertops and sweep kitchen area floors regularly, including beneath appliances. 
  6. If you notice a group of ants indoors, you should use soap or another cleaning agent to remove their scent, which can attract others.

Do I Need Professional Assistance For Pest-Related Problems?

Property owners often use do-it-yourself pest repellants that may contain harmful additives that may pose a risk to the health of humans, pets, and our local ecosystem. In the meanwhile, pest intrusions often expand into full infestations that makes eradication much more challenging. Most of these futile efforts simply result in wasted time, money, and frustration.    When recognizing ants or other pests, the best course of action is to seek a local exterminator's assistance. They have the experience and tools necessary to identify the infestation’s extent and create a safe and effective treatment plan. 

Residential Pest Control Experts In Pensacola

Since 1997, the team of experienced specialists at EnSec has been delivering results for Pensacola homeowners needing pest extermination and lawn care services. What has been our formula for achieving such lasting success? A commitment to affordability, advanced training, and superb customer service.    We are a family-owned operation that employs a three-phase process of inspection, treatment, and follow-up that is always backed by a satisfaction guarantee. Remember to ask about our year-round protection programs that include quarterly visits from a knowledgeable technician. We look forward to providing you with a free inspection and estimate soon. Contact us today to learn more!