The Dangers Mice Bring To Pensacola Homes

mouse on woodpile outside

Do you have anyone in your life that depends on you like a child or a pet? In many cases, dependency is a good thing. In the case of a child, they need their parents for a long time before they are able to properly and effectively take care of themselves. When it comes to wild mice, however, their dependency on humans is nothing but problematic. Here in the Pensacola area, one species of mice is causing a fair amount of trouble for homeowners. They are called house mice, and if you are not careful, they will find their way into your home.

What Are House Mice?

Many rodents invade homes, however, none do so as well as house mice. As this pest's name suggests, it is adept at finding its way into houses. This is partly because of their small figure and incredibly sharp incisor teeth. As a general rule, a house mouse will first look for an entry point to get inside such as an open window or crack or gap in your home’s foundation. If no entry points are found or if they are too small for these creatures to fit through, they will then use their teeth to try to chew their way indoors, widening entry points or gnawing holes through wood, vinyl siding, and/or plaster or drywall. 

Why Do House Mice Like Living Inside Homes?

House mice are small rodents that are hunted by many creatures that live out in the wild. This drives them to seek shelter in areas where larger predators cannot find them. Our homes provide house mice with exactly that. Our homes also provide these pests with pantries stocked with food, sinks with drinkable water, and a variety of items to tear up and build nests out of. These things combined make our homes paradise for these pests. The only thing they don’t like about living inside is having to avoid people.

How Dangerous Are House Mice?

Despite the house mouse’s small size and cute features, this pest poses a range of unique threats to homeowners in our area. One of the most common problems these pests bring into homes comes in the form of diseases. House mice spread diseases mainly through their fecal matter and urine which is teeming with bacteria and other sickness vectors. Another way house mice spread disease is by carrying fleas and ticks. These smaller blood-feeding pests transmit blood-borne illnesses, some of which are incurable. 

DIY Prevention Tips For House Mice

To keep unwanted house mice out of your home, we recommend putting in place some preventative measures. Here is where we recommend you start.

  • Address holes, cracks, and gaps in your home’s exterior foundation by sealing them up with a caulking gun.
  • Fix damage to your home's siding, shingles, and roofline.
  • Repair broken screening.
  • Keep your yard and home clean.
  • Avoid feeding your pets outdoors and clean out their bowls after every meal.
  • Store food inside airtight containers or in the fridge.
  • Address moisture issues in and around your home.

The Easy Way To Deal With House Mice

There is one simple solution to getting and keeping house mice out of your home. Do you want to know what it is? All you have to do is trust the professionals at EnSec. Our team of registered and highly-qualified technicians is fully capable and ready to get your Pensacola home the protection it needs to address house mice and stay rodent-free year-round. 

Give us a call now to discover our amazing pest control options and to find your best solution to rodent problems.