What To Do About Termite Infestations In Your Mobile Home

termites chewing wood making a nest

It’s challenging to combat insects and creatures in general, but the task can be made harder when you can’t detect them quickly. Pests that destroy wood like termites are tough to stay ahead of. Unless you’re constantly inspecting your soil or can see through your walls, you won’t spot them immediately. Typically, evidence of termite damage appears when the bugs have been around a while. Having pest control in Mobile can help. 

Every year, $5 billion is spent on termite treatments and related services in America. Insurance companies won’t meet these needs. Learn more about how these critters take over properties so that you can stop them. Understand what the signs of termites inside your house are, and more. EnSec can assist you with getting rid of these bugs.

Can I Treat My House For Termites Myself?

Popular methods for independent termite elimination include applications on the wood of vinegar, orange oil, boric acid, and retail insecticides. These avenues usually generate mild results, if any. Not only can they be pricey, but they may also be hazardous. It’s best to defer to professionals. 

A termite colony on your Mobile property will have workers, soldiers, and swarmers. By and large, regional workers are 0.12 of an inch long and white or grayish-white. Soldiers aren’t very different in terms of size. What separates them is their yellow-brown skin, bold mandibles, and rectangular heads. Swarmers are ½ of an inch long. Shade-wise, these winged termites are either black, brown, or yellow. Given their pull to light, you’ll see them by fixtures and windows. No other active termites will be out and about. 

Signs of termites inside your house aren’t just limited to swarmers. These are indicators too: 

  • Stumbling upon the shed wings of swarmers
  • Noticing mounds of fecal frass close to the maze patterns, holes, and mud tubes of termites
  • Having walls that sound hollow
  • Hearing gentle noises from behind foundations
  • Crusting and ballooning paint
  • Bowing and discolored drywall
  • Failing floorboards and tiles
  • Snug-fitting doors and window frames 

Is It Possible To Fully Get Rid Of Termites?

As long as termites exist in nature, you won’t be able to deter them permanently. However, being proactive about monitoring and defense will make a positive impact.

What Kind Of Damage Can Termites Cause?

The ecosystem benefits from termites wrecking wood because plants and trees gain vital developmental nutrients. Many people the world over take in these pests as a delightful delicacy. The termite is still a real danger to domiciles.

Active termites run to wood sitting on the ground. Infestations are expected when you disturb these pieces and put them into a home or bring them indoors. These critters can also penetrate gaps in foundations. Bases, walls, and flooring won’t survive, which leads to the possibility of injuries or broken property. Termites do not cause diseases, but they affect allergies.

The Trick To Permanently Getting Rid Of Termites In Mobile

Again, evidence of termite damage is a clue that things are already grim. Carrying on with preventative protocols is the only way to avoid ruin:

  • Eliminate or fix rotting or busted wood.
  • Repair moisture defects right away.
  • Seal openings in utilities, foundations, and caulk.
  • Put screens on doors that face the outside.
  • Wash gutters and vents often.
  • Sit plants away from the property.
  • Don’t let free wood, like fire logs, touch the soil.
  • Trim grass and greenery regularly. 

To defeat a termite colony on your Mobile property, you’ll need the industrial-grade offerings of EnSec. We use Sentricon® System with HD Always Active™ baits for perimeter soil; devices for the ground above are also available. Follow-up visits, warranties, and Wood Destroying Insect Reports (WDIR) are at your disposal. Call today for a free estimate on our termite treatments!