Are The Fire Ants In Mobile Hard To Get Rid Of On Your Own?

a fire ant on a leaf

Fire ants are infamous for being an aggressive type of ant, with powerful stings that leave their victims in a lot of pain. Unfortunately, there are plenty of fire ants locally, and they’re one of the many reasons people seek out professional pest control in Mobile. If left uninterrupted, these pests can quickly take over your yard, putting you, your family, and your pets at risk of being swarmed and stung. Read on to learn more about what to do if you spot these pests, and how EnSec Pest & Lawn can help your yard be fire ant-free today.

When Are Fire Ants The Most Active?

Fire ant activity is based solely on the outside temperatures and the time of day it is. Most fire ants are active during the day, as long as temperatures are between 65 and 95 degrees Fahrenheit. However, the workers that scavenge far from the mounds for food and other necessities like to be out when it’s cooler, so in the evening and the dawn. No matter what time of day it is, though, you are still capable of aggravating a colony and getting swarmed, so always be careful and call the professionals at EnSec Pest & Lawn at the first sign of trouble.

Fire Ant Mounds: What To Do If You Spot Them

If you spot a fire ant mound in your yard, this is indicative that your infestation is more severe than you think. Call the professional service team members at Ensec Pest & Lawn at the first sign of a fire ant mound in your yard. We have the skills, tools, and experience needed to safely exterminate these pests without anyone getting stung, and we will implement proven prevention strategies to ensure they don’t return after we’ve treated your yard. Don’t risk getting stung; give the experts a call for help today.

Why Home Remedies For Fire Ants Don't Work

You can find hundreds of DIY home remedies for fire ants on the internet, all of them claiming that they will get rid of your problem. Below are a couple of those remedies and why they don’t work:

  • Digging up or disturbing fire ant mounds: This is dangerous advice that can lead to you getting stung by numerous fire ants. While the worker ants come out to defend the nest, the queen stays safely underground, free to relocate the colony nearby.
  • Pouring boiling water into the mounds: One of the most commonly suggested DIY methods is to pour several gallons of boiling water into the mound. This advice falls short because not only do you need to be sure you've found and treated every fire ant mound, but it also leaves enough ants alive to rebuild the colony back to or larger than its original size. In addition, you'll kill your grass and other vegetation with this method.
  • Pouring club soda into the mounds: Some people believe that the carbon dioxide in club soda will replace the oxygen in fire ant mounds, leaving the colony to suffocate. Given that fire ants can quickly build and travel through tunnels connecting a series of mounds, the majority of the colony can easily escape.

For the most effective fire ant treatment in Mobile, give the team at EnSec Pest & Lawn a call today.

Getting Rid Of Fire Ants In Your Mobile Lawn

Everyone deserves to have a lawn they can walk across without the fear of being swarmed by stinging fire ants. At EnSec Pest & Lawn, our goal is to keep your home and lawn safe, secure, and free from dangerous pests year-round. Our pest control team uses the most advanced tools on the professional market to get the job done right the first time. If these pests are taking over your lawn, let us help you win it back. Give us a call today.