Help! There Are Ticks All Over My Pensacola Property

black legged tick

Ticks have grown a fearsome reputation because of the diseases they are known to transmit. While this reputation is well-deserved, the most productive thing a person can do to protect themselves against this dangerous pest is to educate themselves. Keep reading to learn more about different kinds of ticks and how to get rid of ticks on your Pensacola property.

What Does A Tick Bite Look Like?

Tick bites look different depending on the type of disease that may have been transmitted, and different kinds of ticks are capable of transmitting different diseases. One of the ticks in Pensacola is the black legged tick. This species is capable of transmitting Lyme disease and babesiosis. Another common tick, the American dog tick, can transmit Rocky Mountain spotted fever. 

Many tick bites are not apparent at all, while others appear as raised, red bumps that may or may not be itchy. Some, but not all, bites that result in Lyme disease can cause a bullseye rash for up to 30 days after a bite. Babesiosis, a blood infection caused by infected red blood cells, does not look abnormal at the site of the bite. Rocky Mountain spotted fever develops into a rash two to four days after the fever. This rash is a series of red splotches or pinpoints, usually beginning on the wrists or ankles.

How Do You Know How Bad A Tick Bite Is?

Not every tick carries these dangerous diseases, so if after removing a tick from the skin, no further symptoms develop, you may be in the clear. However, some of these illnesses take days to weeks to fully develop, so if you want to assess the risk of a bite, you can have the tick tested by overnighting the specimen to a tick testing facility. Do not rely on these results alone to make treatment decisions.

Overall, after you’ve been bitten, it’s wise to keep a careful eye on your symptoms, especially on the area around the bite, as many serious diseases first manifest in a rash. 

What To Do If You’ve Been Bitten By A Tick

If you’ve found a tick attached, don’t panic and rip it off. Use a clean pair of tweezers to grip the tick as close to the surface of your skin as possible. Pull up with an even amount of pressure, then wash the site of the wound with soap and water or rubbing alcohol. 

After cleaning the wound, watch for symptoms such as a rash, fever, headache, joint aches, or fatigue, and talk with your physician about testing, diagnosis, and treatment.

How To Protect Yourself From Ticks In Pensacola

Ticks in Pensacola, like the black legged tick, can seriously jeopardize your health with Lyme disease and more. Practicing tick protection such as keeping your yard trimmed, reducing shade and outdoor hiding places, and wearing picaridin-treated long socks, pants, and long sleeves can protect you from a bite. However, the best form of tick control is through a partnership with EnSec of Florida. 

At EnSec of Florida, we can guide you in making your home and yard a tick-free paradise and get rid of any ticks that are endangering your household members. To get rid of ticks on your Pensacola property, you can trust our individualized treatment offerings, including a free inspection, treatment, and follow-up appointments to root out any and all ticks on your property. Call EnSec of Florida today to request your free estimate.