Just How Dangerous Are Fleas In Mobile?

flea up close on skin

People can assume fleas only target animals all they want, but once an infestation has moved into your home, you’ll quickly realize that this is a myth. These biting parasites are common invaders of Mobile properties, and only those who know how to stay protected can truly avoid them.

Fleas Are Extremely Common

As biting parasites that feed off the blood of people and animals, fleas are some of the nastiest pests to have inside your home. While they are incredibly tiny, they actually can be spotted by the human eye. These brown or reddish pests are much easier to spot when they are clinging to light-colored hair, skin, or clothing. Unfortunately, they are rarely seen just wandering out in the open, preferring to hide deep within the coats of animals within contaminated items. That’s why it’s crucial to look for early warning signs, like scratching pets or bite marks appearing on the skin. If these signs occur, you shouldn’t try to remove the fleas all on your own. Instead, contact experts right away, who can safely and effectively remove these pests.

The Dangers Of Fleas In Your Home

Most people already know they don’t want fleas in their homes, but many still don’t know just how dangerous these insects are. Here are some of the real health hazards that fleas introduce to your home:

  • Bites: Fleas bite our skin to access the nutrients in our blood, making them parasites. The itchy welts that result are uncomfortable, to say the least.
  • Disease: While the discomfort of their bites is bad enough, the real danger of fleas is the sickness they can spread. These include things like typhus, bartonellosis, and tapeworm.
  • Proliferation: Fleas reproduce quickly, meaning a small problem can quickly turn into a full-blown takeover of your home. The more fleas there are, the more you risk the above dangers.

Flea Prevention Tips & Tricks

Unfortunately, fleas are incredibly difficult to fully prevent. For one, they are small and difficult to spot, so they can easily be overlooked and people will unknowingly introduce them to their homes. For another, fleas are hitchhikers, clinging to hair or skin and clothing to be tracked back to our homes, vehicles, and places of business. That’s why it’s important to regularly take the following steps:

  • Inspection: You should thoroughly inspect yourself and your loved ones before they return indoors from a stint outside.
  • Garments: Keeping your arms and legs covered while you're walking around outside, even covering up your pets as much as possible, can help shield you from biting fleas.
  • Protection: Treated garments or other topical sprays that ward off fleas are a good idea for when you’re walking around outside for long stretches.
  • Treatments: The best way to make sure fleas aren’t in your home is with thorough inspections and treatments by pest professionals. Contact EnSec of Alabama to learn more.

Get Professional Assistance

Even people who take precautions to avoid fleas can still wind up tracking them into their homes. That’s how common and easy-to-get these parasites are. There’s no substitute for professional assistance. From routine inspections of your home that help root out pest problems, to timely and effective treatments that completely get rid of parasites, calling the experts is the best way to respond to flea concerns. Rather than waste time and money on products that might not even protect you from fleas, turn directly to the trained professionals who know what works and what doesn’t. Save you and your loved ones from the itchy dangers of fleas by contacting EnSec today.