The Dangers Of The German Cockroach In Mobile, AL

german cockroach in a kitchen

People tend to think of cockroaches as pests that only infest dirty homes or properties. But they are far more widespread than this, frequently infesting local homes and businesses. Only by actively working to prevent an invasion by cockroaches can you hope to keep these common pests off your property.

German Cockroaches: An Overview

Of the common invasive cockroaches in the world, the most abundant are German cockroaches. These scavengers seek out human structures for the food, water, and shelter that they provide. It’s this reliance on the waste that we produce that makes cockroaches such a common part of everyday life. Here are some common traits used to identify German cockroaches:

  • Size: While they’re common, German cockroaches aren’t very big, typically growing to just over half an inch in size.
  • Shape: Cockroaches are oval-shaped, with six legs and a pair of long antennae that stick out from their bodies.
  • Color: Like other species of cockroach, German cockroaches are reddish-brown in color.
  • Marks: German cockroaches are most discernible by the dark, parallel dash marks found on their tops.

The Problems Cockroaches Cause

While German cockroaches are some of the most common to find inside of properties, all kinds of cockroaches can lead to larger issues. The longer a cockroach population has to grow, the more it can create health hazards or property damage. Here are some of the problems known to accompany a cockroach infestation:

Damage: Cockroaches can create stains with their urine and feces, not to mention their greasy bodies. They also chew through building materials and food packaging. Disease: Cockroaches are known to carry and spread diseases such as plague and salmonella. Allergies: The dander and dust that cockroaches track in can worsen allergies. People with respiratory illnesses like asthma can also experience worsened symptoms during a cockroach infestation. Odor: Even those without existing health problems can be made sick by the mere presence of cockroaches, which contribute to foul, musty odors.

Prevention Tips For Your Property

To prevent these more serious problems, you need to make sure to reduce factors that attract cockroaches in the first place. Not only does that include addressing messes, but it means addressing potential access points, too. The best way to prevent cockroach infestations is with professional help, but these key steps can help you get started on prevention:

  • Food Storage: Keeping food stored in secure areas and containers, as well as making sure you clean all spills and crumbs, will reduce the food supply for foraging cockroaches.
  • Trash Storage: All that effort to clean up and secure your food won’t matter if cockroaches can simply root around in your trash instead. 
  • Crack Sealing: Cockroaches can flatten themselves to fit in through even tiny cracks. Check your exterior for faults and fix them promptly.
  • Moisture Control: Making sure water damage isn’t creating hidden entry points and attractive conditions is another crucial pest control measure. Address leaking pipes quickly and ensure good ventilation throughout your structures.

The Best Way To Control Cockroaches

It’s important to keep up on these prevention measures around your Mobile property and professionals can help. At EnSec Pest & Lawn, our trained staff can advise you on more tips for how to prevent cockroaches, as well as offer effective treatments that provide added protection. If cockroaches are already growing nearby, you need our proven solutions right away, before the population can grow out of control. Rather than try to take it all on yourself, make sure you stay on top of cockroach prevention with help from professionals.

For timely cockroach elimination or helpful prevention assistance, contact EnSec Pest & Lawn today.