Am I Inadvertently Attracting Snakes To My Home In Mobile?

a copperhead snake with tongue out

Many creatures terrify folks, but snakes just might top the list. They can surprise you by camouflaging themselves. In seconds, they could dart at you. If they bite, the consequences can be major. These reptiles have pointy teeth, and several harbor venom. Snakes will attack humans and animals. Their bite can cause injuries, medical complications, or even death! Homeowners should have pest control in Mobile.

While it seems impossible, there are ways to deter the critters. Learn what attracts snakes and how you can defeat them. We, at EnSec, are prepared to help you.

What Attracts Snakes To Your House?  

Snakes are drawn to locations rich with organic matter and pests because such settings are conducive to their comfort and survival. They feed on creepy crawlers like rodents, mammals, and fellow reptiles.

Help! There Is A Snake In My House!

You're likely to encounter pit vipers, such as copperhead and cottonmouth snakes, in Mobile. With copperheads, their name says it all. The top of their thick bodies has bronze coloring, while the remainder is reddish. Brown or red cross-bands and dots adorn their scaly skin. The patterns on their skin are shaped like an hourglass. Past their outer layer, these critters are brown, pink, or light tan. Their yellow, white, or brown abdomens have mottling. In relation to size, copperheads are 2 to 3 feet long. Since they're ground reptiles, they can only access low bushes. Beware, they're eager to bite! Fatalities are uncommon, but pain and tissue damage are not.

Cottonmouth snakes are in a defensive mode if they open their mouth and reveal the white interior. Coiling their 2 to 4 foot long bodies is an alarming sign as well. Dark stripes decorate the nostrils on their triangular heads. Once they've reached adulthood, their bands and scales will be brown, yellow, olive, or black. Brighter shading is on their stomach. Sometimes these reptiles are called "water moccasins" because they're great swimmers and favor bodies of water. If bitten, you may experience muscle or tissue injury, intense pain, and even extremity loss. Their venom can affect blood cells and flow, leading to internal bleeding.

Other key facts about these snakes are:

  • They have vertical pupils, as do cats.
  • They hang out in sunny and vegetated zones with rocks or water.
  • They stay close to branches, logs, and wood.
  • They gravitate to outbuildings and covered spaces.
  • It's possible for them to get indoors.
  • Their venom can significantly impact children, the elderly, and individuals with immune system conditions.
  • It is imperative to seek immediate medical attention if bitten.

Does Anything Keep Snakes Away?

To keep your property as inhospitable to snakes as possible, do the following:

  • Mow the lawn and trim greenery on a routine basis. Get rid of organic debris.  
  • Ground garden plants with repellent properties, such as lemongrass, wormwood, and marigolds.  
  • Distance greenery and wood from the property by at least two feet.  
  • Put in fencing that's steel mesh, catch net or plastic sheeting.
  • Use gravel for the property perimeter; snakes struggle to get past it.
  • Close up gaps in exterior buildings, foundations, and utilities.
  • Verify that sweeps, screens, and weather stripping are in good condition.
  • Contact EnSec if you have critters that snakes target, like birds, frogs, and rodents.

How Do You Get Rid Of A Snake Infestation On Your Property?

Our team at EnSec uses humane approaches and effective tools for snake removal that you can't get from a store. Our home pest control plans are affordable too. Commercial products and pesticides can be expensive and dangerous to employ. To be successful on the first try, call us today for a free estimate!