You May Be Accidentally Attracting Fleas In Pensacola

flea jumping on carpet

The western pocket of Pensacola holds some unique treasures. The National Naval Aviation Museum is home to a large air and aerospace museum, and if you listen closely, you might hear the famous Blue Angels roaring past. If you are lucky, you might be able to see them practicing their flying maneuvers or putting on a show. While not a unique treasure, the local flea can perform acrobatics almost as impressive as the Blue Angels. Their acrobatics may accidentally land them on your pet and into your home.

Why Do Fleas In Pensacola Bite Me But Not Others?

Fleas are not just something the family pet has to combat; they can also be a problem for people. While fleas typically prefer blood from your warm-blooded pet, they will bite humans or at least some humans. Are fleas a respecter of persons? It may feel that way when you have flea bites all over your ankles, feet, and lower legs while others within your household have no bites at all.

Some reasons why certain people appear to have flea bites and others do not include:

  • Each individual’s chemical makeup is different. Some believe that certain people emit high carbon-dioxide gases that trigger fleas to clamp down on them as a food source.
  • Some people are naturally allergic to the saliva secreted by a flea when biting. Many have no allergic reaction to a bite and may be completely unaware of a problem. Others have a mild response and experience fewer bites than others who react severely.

What Do Flea Eggs Look Like In Pensacola?

Flea eggs are super tiny. When they are on surfaces like bedding and carpet, they are nearly impossible to see. When you consider that some fleas lay eggs at the rate of one per hour, it becomes vital to handle any flea issues immediately.

Characteristics of flea eggs include:

  • They are oval (translucent at first, turning to pearl-white – like salt grains/dandruff).
  • They have a dry, smooth surface (they fall out of a pet’s hair easily).
  • They measure about 0.5mm.

Sings Of A Flea Infestation In Your Pensacola Home

Most people don’t realize they have a flea problem until they see their furry pet scratching or when owners are petting their animal and see fleas amongst their pet’s fur. In some instances, people may start experiencing red bites, especially around their ankles, feet, and legs. If a flea infestation goes unnoticed, your animal may show signs of hair loss and red bumps on its skin. The flea eggs that get deposited on your pet can fall off and land all over your house. Homeowners may start to see tiny black specs in rugs, pet beds, and carpets that alert them to a flea problem. 

How To Prevent Fleas In Your Pensacola Home

Some simple tips can help homeowners limit their exposure to fleas. While it is no guarantee, a little prevention goes a long way.

Some tips for preventing fleas include:

  • Trim and keep yards well-groomed (keep other pests from bringing in fleas, especially rodents).
  • Keep your home cleaned and vacuumed.
  • Keep pets leashed, well-groomed, and bathed.
  • Use the flea treatments recommended by your veterinarian.

Even the best home and pest prevention methods can’t guarantee a flea-free home, but you do have a local company that can help. EnSec of Florida offers targeted flea control solutions that provide a “greener” and economical service that eliminates pests without harming people, pets, property, or the environment. Our free inspections and estimates can make flea control for the homeowner hassle-free. Contact EnSec of Florida today to get flea infestations under control.