Help! There Are Snakes All Around My Mobile Residence

garter snake on moss

Many property owners in Mobile will likely encounter snakes within their yards or other outdoor areas. Snakes are legless reptiles most commonly seen in the warmest months of the year. Experts estimate that Alabama is home to more than 40 different species of snakes, and roughly six of these are venomous.

People with gardens and those growing crops often appreciate the presence of snakes because they prey upon many bothersome rodents. However, those who encounter a snake while out in their yard are typically frightened. Fortunately, the majority of snakes found in this region are not aggressive but could still potentially pose risks to pets, children, and the elderly.

Some of the most common species of snakes in the region include water snakes, garter snakes, eastern coral snakes, timber rattlesnakes, copperheads, diamondbacks, and Florida cottonmouth snakes. Regardless of the species, property owners should exercise caution when near a snake and never attempt to provoke them intentionally.

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Snakes In And Around The House

Snakes will actively hunt prey during the warm months in some residential areas as predatory creatures. Based on the species, they will eat eggs, small reptiles, rodents, worms, and many other things based on the species.

Snakes are cold-blooded, meaning that the temperature of the outdoor environment dictates their body temperature. On cooler days, snakes might seek areas of direct sunlight, and on very hot days, they might seek shady, cooler locations.

Seven Things That Attract Snakes To Your Yard

The following list consists of seven things that could attract snakes to the yard area:

  1. Various types of wildlife such as rodents and insects will attract hungry snakes.  
  2. Snakes often seek areas of thick, overgrown vegetation that provide hiding spots.
  3. Stacks or piles of firewood, rock, or stone might attract snakes.
  4. Sources of water, including ponds or fountains, will draw in snakes and many of their favorite prey.
  5. Rodents are commonly found around birdfeeders eating the scattered seeds on the ground below
  6. .Bowls of uneaten pet food should not be left out.
  7. Don’t allow the grass to grow too high between trimmings.

Keep in mind that fences may not be effective at preventing snakes from entering the premises if they allow sufficient space at the ground level that they can navigate through.

Home Remedies To Keep Snakes Away

Properly maintaining the conditions of your Mobile property is among the most critical responsibilities. For example, promptly repair any leaking spigots or hoses. Place trash bags in sturdy outdoor receptacles with lids, always remove any fallen fruit and clean up thoroughly after picnics and barbeques to limit the presence of wildlife.

Keep in mind that the majority of mass-marketed home pest control products are ineffective against substantial invasions from pests. Also, many of the DIY home pest control options may contain harsh chemical formulas that could adversely impact human health and the local ecosystem that we share.

Professional Snake Control & Removal In Mobile

In addition to snakes, the technicians with EnSec of Alabama have expertise in expelling ants, termites, bed bugs, and a host of other pests that infiltrate properties and may pose health risks. One of our specialists will conduct a meticulous inspection of the interior and exterior areas of the property to uncover the type(s) of pests involved and check hard-to-reach places that might be harboring dangerous creatures. Contact one of our friendly staff members today to schedule an assessment for a professional home pest control plan.