How To Keep The Snakes In Pensacola Away From Your Yard

snake in a yard

While many snakes are relatively harmless, there are several types of venomous snakes around the Florida area, including three types of rattlesnakes; the eastern coral snake, the southern copperhead, and the cottonmouth. An untreated bite from a rattlesnake can be fatal, and should one attack you, it is vital to seek medical help right away.

If you suspect or have seen snakes entering your property, now is the time to learn what is attracting them and which types of home remedies you might use to keep them away. Discover how professional snake control and removal can help effectively end your snake problem. If you have been struggling to get rid of snakes, EnSec provides pest control in Pensacola you can rely on to exterminate these unwanted pests and keep them from coming back.

Snakes In And Around The House

Snakes prefer to be outdoors, where they can prey on rodents and other small animals. However, if your house has an infestation that can provide them with a food source, or if your home provides them with adequate shelter, they are more likely to make their way inside. And of course, if your yard has tall grasses and vegetation where they can hide and damp and cool areas, they will quickly make themselves at home around the house. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to keep snakes from entering your property altogether.

Seven Things That Attract Snakes To Your Yard

There are many reasons snakes might be attracted to your yard, and here are seven of the primary ones:

  • Rodents And Other Small Animals: A favorite prey of snakes, these small critters are a common reason for snake infestations.
  • Leftover Pet Food: Leaving dog and cat food out will attract snakes, who will use it as a food source.
  • Tall Grass: A convenient hiding place for snakes. Keep your grass cut short around your property to deter snakes.
  • Cool, Damp Areas In Your Yard And House: These provide snakes with a hiding and resting place, especially during hot weather.
  • Water Sources: Can attract snakes in search of hydration.
  •  Food Sources: Compost, food leftovers, dirty garbage cans, and more can attract snakes looking for sustenance.
  • Fence-Less Yard, Or Easily Accessible Yard: This makes them more attractive to snakes than one with fencing that is hard to get through.

It can be difficult to tell why snakes are attracted to your yard in the first place. We recommend contacting a pest control professional for advice based on your specific situation.

Home Remedies To Keep Snakes Away 

While home remedies like essential oils have limited effectiveness against snakes, a few  have proved to help deter snakes, including the following:

  • Keep all grasses and vegetation around your property cut short and trimmed to avoid providing snakes with a hiding place.
  • Keep all pet food and water bowls away from snakes’ reach.
  • Consider installing a fence around your yard.
  • Control all rodent and bird infestations.

Even with the best of precautions, it is still possible for snakes to invade your yard and home. If these remedies do not significantly decrease the snake population, now might be the time to reach out to the experts.

Professional Snake Control & Removal In Pensacola

A professional pest control company can use various methods to help you eliminate your snake problem. These can include trapping, using repellents, and more. The best strategy is the one that most adapts to your situation. For a list of options, contact the experts today.

Few people want snakes to find refuge in their yard or home, as many can be venomous. If you are struggling with a snake infestation, EnSec can help you get rid of them safely and prevent them from returning.