Help! I Have Snakes All Around My Mobile Yard

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Snakes exist in more than 3,000 various species in the world today. Snakes are reptiles without legs and a long slender body covered with scales. As predators, snakes of different species consume prey, including eggs, rodents, fish, or birds. Gardeners and farmers are generally among the few individuals that welcome the presence of snakes, as they consume many of the most troublesome rodents and other threats to their crops.

Snakes have a specialized jaw that will unhinge and inward-facing teeth that allow for securely capturing and ingesting their prey. Although some types are nocturnal, many snakes will venture into residential areas, remain active during the day, and then rest in areas of thick vegetation or burrows after dark.

Specific locations where snakes might hide include holes in the ground, woodpiles, and crevices near the banks of rivers or ponds. In some cases, snakes will enter homes through openings, particularly in search of warmth during cold periods or for locating types of prey.

Do you need expert pest control for your home? A professional Mobile pest control company will provide effective home pest control treatment for snakes as well as a host of other different pests. Because of the potential dangers, property owners who encounter snakes should seek assistance from a licensed professional.

What Kind Of Snakes Are In Mobile?

Both venomous and nonvenomous snakes exist in Mobile and are most active during the warmest summer months. Some of the common species are pine snakes, pit vipers, garter snakes, water snakes, and kingsnakes.

Should I Be Scared Of The Snakes In My Yard?

Data from the Department of Forestry & Wildlife at Alabama A&M University explains that roughly 40 different species of snakes exist statewide, and six of them are venomous. The six primary venomous snakes found in Alabama include:

  • Eastern diamondback rattlesnake
  • Timber rattlesnake
  • Pigmy rattlesnake
  • Copperhead
  • Cottonmouth
  • Coral snake

Five of the six venomous species in Alabama are classified as pit vipers, while the coral snake belongs to a category more closely related to cobras. Experts aptly named pit vipers for their facial “pits” that act as sensors for detecting warm-blooded forms of prey. People should remain cautious when near a snake, as a bite from a venomous species is painful and may pose significant health risks.

Although incapable of delivering a venomous bite, nonvenomous snakes often invoke fear and stress among people. Alabama’s nonvenomous snakes share a common characteristic of having two rows of scales located beneath their tail.

How To Keep Snakes Away?

Far too many local property owners try DIY home pest control options for repelling snakes from local home improvement stores, such as granular snake repellants, kits installed along the bases of fences for snaring snakes and spray repellants. As cold-blooded creatures, snakes often seek areas with direct sunlight when the temperature is cool or a shady place when temperatures rise to extreme levels.

Property owners must limit the presence of rodents such as mice or rats on their property, which will likely attract snakes. Other best practices include keeping the grass trimmed short, removing piles of firewood or debris, and sealing any openings near the exterior foundation.

Professional Pest Control Can Help With Snakes

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