Six Signs Your Pensacola Property Has A Termite Problem

close up of termite on wood

What is the worst thing that could happen to your Pensacola home? Most homeowners worry about things like storm damage, break-ins, and fires. We would argue, that although these things are terrible, they are not as bad as termite damage. Let us explain. Disasters like storms, fires, and break-ins are covered by a good home insurance plan. Termite damage, however, is not. If you don’t believe us, give your insurance provider a call. They will inform you that termite damage is considered a “preventable disaster” and that you need to handle termites yourself. To help you make sure these pests are not currently eating away at your home and equity, here are six signs that might indicate an infestation.

Sign One: Mud Tubes

Subterranean termites are the most common and destructive species of wood-destroying pests in our area. These invasive insects spend the majority of their lives underground or inside water-damaged wood in order to keep their bodies moist. One way they maintain a moist environment when invading is by building pencil-sized mud tubes on the exterior of homes. One thing to note with this is that termites will not build mud tubes if exterior soil directly touches structural wood or if there are cracks and gaps inside foundational blocks that provide a safe passageway up.

Sign Two: Moisture Damage

As subterranean termites tunnel through homes, they spread moisture as they go. This moisture can cause noticeable damage like sagging drywall, moist spots on walls and floors, and wood expansion. Two examples of wood expansion are when floors start to squeak or your windows and doors are tighter and harder to open.

Sign Three: Hollow-Sounding Wood

If termites are severely damaging a section of your home’s wood, you might be able to identify damage by using sound. We recommend finding a piece of hardwood and knocking on it with your knuckles. If it sounds hollow, it could be infested with termites.

Sign Four: A Rustling Sound

Although termites are quiet pests, they are not completely silent. If you place your ear up to a piece of wood that these pests are chewing through, you may be able to hear them. Some people liken this sound to rustling or the static on TVs. 

Sign Five: Swarmers

When a termite colony becomes mature, it will send out swarmers once a year. These winged reproductive members fly around properties looking for new places to build new termite colonies. If you start seeing swarmers inside your home in large numbers, assume that your home is already infested and that they are getting in through holes in your walls.

Sign Six: Severe Structural Damage

If termites have been chewing away at your home for years, it will not be hard to notice that these pests are around as the damage they cause will become much more noticeable. Some severe signs of an infestation include buckling pillars, sagging floors and ceilings, and visible galley ways inside wood.

What To Do To Keep Your Home Termite-Free

There is only one guaranteed option to eliminate and prevent termites, and that is to hire the experts at EnSec. Our team will perform a detailed inspection of your home and property using advanced pest control technology that helps us identity termites. We will then implement fast-working treatments to eliminate existing threats and create a defensive barrier to keep termites away in the future.

Call us now to find out more about our comprehensive options and schedule your Pensacola home and property for a visit.