The Struggle With Rat Control In Pensacola Homes

rat sniffing around on the ground

The last thing you want to find in your home are big rats, or rats of any size. These pests can cause a significant amount of damage to your home, as well as spread harmful diseases to you and your family. Unfortunately, these pests are common in the area and incredibly difficult to get rid of. Read on to learn more about these pests, how to keep them away, and how EnSec Pest & Lawn provides professional pest control in Pensacola that can help your home be rat-free today!

Rooting Rats Out Of Their Hiding Spots

If you want to get rid of rats, you must know where they’re hiding. Unfortunately, our homes provide rats with many different options in terms of places for them to set up shop. Below are the most common places you’ll find these pests in your home:

  • Attics: Your attic is a prime space for rats to build nests in and thrive. It’s quiet, small, and usually offers supplies for nesting materials, like insulation.
  • In your walls: Rats are notorious for hiding in your walls, and many people realize they have a problem when they hear rats scratching around in their walls.
  • In your insulation: Because fiberglass insulation makes great nesting material, rats are likely to be found nearby.
  • Basements: Your basement provides a safe place for rats to nest, as well as plenty of nesting material found in clutter and stored items. 
  • In crawl spaces: Crawl spaces provide shelter and are usually undisturbed by humans, so it's common for rats to nest there. 

The expert service team members at EnSec Pest & Lawn have the skills and tools needed to root out and eliminate the entirety of your infestation, not just a few rats that you can find. Let the experts flush out your rat infestation and deal with them the right way, the first time. Give us a call today.

Are The Rats In Pensacola Hard To Get Rid Of?

Rats in Florida are unfortunately extremely difficult to get rid of. These pests are prolific breeders, capable of reproducing at insanely fast rates. This means that even if you manage to kill a few adult rats, there are always more in hiding, continuing your infestation. They also are much smarter than we give them credit for, meaning they are likely to avoid traps and other bait you set out to try to kill them, rendering your DIY methods useless. It takes the most advanced professional-grade tools and treatments available to rid your home of a rat infestation.

Five Ways To Keep Rats From Coming Back 

After you’ve had the professional service team members at Ensec Pest & Lawn treat your home for rats, you’ll want to implement prevention strategies to ensure they don’t come back. Below are five things you can do to keep the rats from returning:

  1. Remove entry points: The first step to take is to seal up anywhere rats may be using to access your home. They can squeeze in through surprisingly small spaces, so seal up any gaps, cracks, or holes that leave your home exposed.
  2. Properly store your trash: Rats will happily find food in your garbage cans, so make sure all trash receptacles have tight-fitting lids and that no trash has fallen on the ground around them. Also be sure to take trash out of your home frequently.
  3. Keep up on yard maintenance: Piles of leaves, brush, and other yard debris can be enticing places for rats to hide or nest. Keep your yard clear and well maintained. 
  4. Remove access to food: Inside your home, ensure rats can't access food in your pantry. Store food in sturdy, sealed glass or metal containers that rats can't chew through. Remember to properly store pet food, as well.
  5. Trim back trees: Rats are excellent climbers, and can access your home from the roof just as easily as from the ground. Ensure that tree branches are trimmed back from your home so that they don't create a convenient bridge to your roof.

The team at EnSec Pest & Lawn will work with you to identify your unique needs in order to ensure the rats don’t return after treatment has been provided. Call us to find out more about our effective rat control services.

Total Rat Control For Pensacola Residents

As a family-owned and operated business, we understand firsthand how important the safety of your home and family is. Since 1997, we have been helping Pensacola homeowners live in rat-free homes, ensuring damage is limited and people aren’t exposed to harmful illnesses. If the rats scratching around in the walls are becoming too much for you, don’t wait; give us a call today for safe, effective pest control you can count on.