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Preparing For Summer: What You Can Do About Mosquitoes Now

Mosquito on plant
It’s hard to enjoy spending time outdoors when mosquitoes are swarming and their bites leave itchy red welts all over your body. While you may not see as many in the spring, now is the perfect time to starting preparing for these little pests. It is not unusual to have quite a bit of rainfall in March, April and May, and that moisture allows mosquitoes to breed and increase their numbers dramatically. By taking a few steps to control the population now, you’ll be able to reclaim your summer and enjoy spending time outside again. Why Is Spring Treatment Necessary? Just because you don’t see them in the winter doesn’t mean that all the mosquitoes have died. They essentially sleep during the cold weather, and they also lay a bunch of eggs in preparation for the months ahead. In the South, those eggs can even start hatching before spring officially...
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Tips For Lawn Care Success

Green grass and tresss
In order to keep your lawn looking great in the summer, it is essential to work on it during the spring. That doesn’t mean you have to spend hours every weekend on your grass; the tasks ahead of you aren’t complicated, but they will help ensure that your lawn looks its best in the coming months. 1. Pick Up A lot can happen to your lawn over the winter. Your first step in this process is to pick up any debris that is cluttering your lawn, including branches and twigs. Get rid of anything that shouldn’t be there. Take a rake to the grass to make sure you don’t leave any dead blades behind. Compost what you can, and put the rest in the trash. 2. Test Your Soil Have you tested your soil at any point in the past few years? If not, it is important to do so,...
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How to Avoid Bringing Home Bedbugs From Spring Break

bedbug card
If you are among the many people who plan to go on vacation for spring break, you will need to keep an eye out for bedbugs if you don't want to bring the pests home. Bedbugs will gladly make a nest near your bed if you give them the opportunity, coming out to feed at night.  The good news is that you can enjoy your trip without worrying about bedbugs when you keep a few tips in mind. The right strategy and a little dedication will prevent bedbugs from causing problems, and you will know that you have made the right choice. Use the Internet Online review sites are a great resource for those who want to avoid bedbugs over spring break. If the invaders have infested the hotel at which you booked your reservation, other guests will likely write about it online, making the internet a valuable tool.  Check...
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The Benefits of Lawn Service

If you want to keep your  lawn in great shape so that it will have an impressive visual appeal and enhance the appearance of your home, you are likely wondering where you should turn for help. A professional lawn service can take your yard to the next level in no time. Save Time Caring for your lawn and keeping it in good shape throughout the year is not a simple or easy task. In addition to mowing your grass, you will also need to reduce weeds and provide your yard with nutrients to give it a vibrant glow. Completing these tasks can take a lot of time that you could be using to work on other projects. When you let a lawn care expert get the job done, you will have much more free time to focus on other areas of your life. Keep Your Yard at Its Best Even...
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Ant Control Myths

ant card
Ants never take a break. They're always building and repairing their mounds, searching for food and creating more members to expand their colonies. As the ant population grows in your yard, you'll see the pests start to move indoors on their search for food. If you take ant control into your own hands, you'll find out for yourself how resilient these little pests can be. Debunking 3 Ant Control Myths You can kill them with grits. Grits will expand when they're soaked in water. Therefore, people believe that feeding grits to ants will cause their stomachs to explode, thus killing the ants as they feed. No matter if you use grits, rice or oatmeal, these foods will not eliminate an ant colony from your property. Common ingredients from the cupboard work. People will use many different household ingredients to treat ants. Whether it's vinegar, cinnamon or an herbal oil, none...
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3 Common Pests to Keep an Eye On

Mosquito 5
Numerous pest species thrive in the South thanks to its consistent heat and humidity. The climate here gives pests plenty of time to stay active even during the winter. Unfortunately, some of these pests make their homes in the yards and houses of residents in our service area. If you're wondering which pests to look out for, EnSec has the scoop on the most common residential pests in the Panhandle and Alabama's Gulf Coast. 3 Common Residential Pests Fire Ants Fire ants aren't like other ant species. These ants build large dirt mounds in yards across the South, each mound containing thousands of colony members. Fire ants work together to expand their colony and to defend it against intruders, including you and your pets. Stepping on a fire ant mound causes the pests to attack at once, leaving behind painful welts and causing allergic reactions in some people. Mosquitoes Mosquitoes...
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Warning Signs of an Unhealthy Lawn

Lush, green lawns give a home instant curbside appeal. When the grass seems dead, it can make your entire property look uninviting. Even if you water and mow regularly, other factors can keep your grass from looking its best. EnSec Pest & Lawn wants to help you spot the warning signs of unhealthy grass before your yard turns into a disaster area. 3 Signs of an Unhealthy Lawn It has brown patches or bald spots. Brown patches and bald spots can occur for many reasons. Fungi may have developed on your lawn, or a drought could keep the grass from growing and thriving. Certain pests may lurk beneath the surface and attack the roots, killing the grass while staying out of sight. A professional lawn technician can diagnose the problem and take the appropriate action. Weeds have popped up everywhere. Weeds are a common sign of an unhealthy or a...
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How to Tell If You Have a Bedbug Infestation

Bed Bug 3
If you think that you have a bedbug infestation in your home but are not sure, you are likely wondering what you can do to discover if the pests have made their way inside. Catching a bedbug problem in the early stages is the key to avoiding unneeded complications, so learning to detect the red flags is a smart move.  You can use several approaches when you want to discover whether or not bedbugs are in your bedroom or the other parts of your home.  Symptoms of Bedbug Bites When bedbugs bite, they release a natural painkiller so that you won't feel the pain or wake up while they are feeding. You will likely notice the symptoms of a bedbug bite when you wake up the next morning, and you should look for red spots with itching and minor skin irritation.  Bedbugs normally feed three times on the same night,...
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