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Can Pets Transfer Fleas to Humans?

Pet owners are often in close proximity to their pets throughout the day and share the same living space. This means that they are at greater risk of catching diseases, known as zootropic diseases. It is also possible for pets to transfer common fleas to humans.

Dogs Transferring Fleas

There are thousands of different species of fleas, and many of them prefer specific animals as their hosts. There are species of fleas that survive from feeding on blood from a dog. It is possible for these fleas to be transferred to humans, but they will be unable to survive from feeding on human blood. Humans are also generally less hairy than dogs, and dog fleas use dogs’ hair for shelter and warmth. Most fleas will quickly recognize that they are longer on a dog, and will return to the dog or search for a more secure spot.

What To Do After Spotting a Flea

Fleas and their bites are small, but they are distinctive. If you notice tiny bites on your body and can see dark and small bugs hopping around instead of flying, it is most likely fleas. There are several ways that you can identify a flea bite by seeing bites that appear to be small, red bumps, a red ring around the center of the bite, bites that are in a straight line or in groups of four or bites that are located near the ankles or legs. There is no specific treatment that is necessary for flea bites on humans. Wash the affected area with soap and water, apply anti-itch cream to alleviate the symptoms, and avoid scratching the bite to heal as quickly as possible.

Preventing a Flea Infestation

Prevention is one of the most effective methods of flea control. There are a variety of flea prevention treatments that are available for dogs, cats, and other pets. Vacuum all of the floors in your home on a regular basis and empty the bag afterward. If your pet enjoys spending time outdoors, consider spraying tall grass and shaded areas with Insect Growth Regulators.

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