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Four Common Ant Species Found in the South

There are many benefits to living in the south. Warmer weather all year round, lower cost of living and a laid back lifestyle may be some of your reasons for living here. Unfortunately though, with warmer weather brings more insects and other pests; ants being among them. Here are four species of ants that are commonly found in the south.

Asian Needle Ant

As you may note from its name, this species has originated from Asia but has been found in southern states such as North Carolina, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina and Tennessee. Not only will they nest in areas where human activity is rampant, but they may also be found in quieter areas, including the woods.Be aware of these ants as they will sting that have been known to cause allergic reactions.They are also apt to infesting homes and even public buildings wherever they can find large sources of food (such as school/office cafeterias). Since they are an invasive species, the Asian Needle ant is also a threat as they steal the resources of our native ants.

Florida Carpenter Ant

Unlike other species of carpenter ants, the Florida Carpenter Ant will not begin eating away at your home’s structure as this species looks for existing soft or rotting wood to nest in. Yet, they will continue to hollow out any wooden structures to complete their nest. Like most species, they will enter your home in search of protection from the elements and a source of food. They are also attracted to moisture, sweet substances and dark, cool spots.

Little Black Ant

Native to the United States, this species is the most commonly found in households. Unfortunately, they are also difficult to control. You’ll know that you have an infestation if you find trails of them across your kitchen or bathroom floors, or even in your cabinets. You may also find them crawling through holes or cracks in your walls, ceilings, floors or windows.

Pharaoh Ant

The Pharaoh Ant’s name was derived from possibly being one of the plaques that occured in ancient Egypt. It is a common household ant but it is known as the most difficult to exterminate as it has the capability of surviving most pest control treatments. They are also capable of finding their way into almost any area of a home or building in search of food. What is worse is that they will then build colonies throughout, in an effort to infest the entire building. As a result, food can be contaminated, nests are built in strange places (even between pieces of paper) and the entire building will require fumigation.

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