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How To Keep Rodents Out Of Your Home This Winter

Rodents like mice and rats are a huge problem for homeowners. Their ability to find their way into food containers and packaging is a health concern, as is the fact that they leave their droppings around wherever they go. However, you do not need to accept rodents as a fact of life. If you want to prevent them from sharing your home this winter, there are a few simple steps you can take to keep them out.Rodents

Minimize The Mess

Rodents are notoriously shy little creatures, and excess clutter gives them a means to scoot through the house undetected. Declutter as much as possible, so that your rooms don’t have many areas for rodents to hide. In particular, get rid of any cardboard or magazines, pick up toys, and generally be as minimalist as possible. Without a place to hide, mice and rats may not be as comfortable in your home.

Eliminate Entryways

Mice and rats do not need much space in order to gain access to your house. Do a thorough inspection of your property and try to plug up any holes that you see. Closely examine windows and doors, as well as your foundation, to see if you spot any problems. A good rule of thumb is that if the hole is around the size of a dime or larger, you need to fix it.

Don’t Feed Them

This tip seems obvious; after all, most people don’t willingly feed the mice and rats that get into their home. However, you may be providing the rodents with a food source without even realizing it. Make sure your trash is covered at all times. Don’t overfill your can, because that can make securing the lid more difficult. Always clean up after dinner, making sure to sweep the floors and wipe off the counters. If possible, put pantry items in plastic containers rather than keeping them in bags or cardboard.

Call In An Expert

Even if you have a clean home and you take care to regularly maintain your property, you still could see a mouse or a rat in your home. You do not have to face this issue on your own. It is important to take steps to rectify the problem right away. Seeing a rodent in your home can be a little traumatic. The thought of sharing your property with these little creatures is unpleasant to say the least, and because they can carry diseases, there are health issues to take into consideration as well. Use the tips in this article to help you make your home less inviting to mice and rats. If you are unsuccessful, get in touch with a reputable pest control company, like EnSec, that can help you deal with the issue in a quick and efficient manner.

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