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How To Keep The Bugs Out Of Your Florida Home This Summer

Summers in Florida are hot and humid, and in an attempt to beat the heat, many bugs make their way indoors. The good news is that you don’t have to accept these tiny invaders as a fact of life; there are steps you can take to keep them out of your home and away from your property. You may not be able to get rid of them altogether, but you can certainly reduce the amount you see inside your living space.The following tips will get you started!Florida Home

Make Your Property Less Desirable

Bugs are attracted to certain natural elements. For example, they like both wood and standing water, so if you have either of these on your property, it is a good idea to get rid of them. Mosquitoes, for example, are a huge problem in Florida, and they need water to reproduce. Shrubs and vegetation also attract insects, particularly if they are wild and unkempt. Keep them trimmed and make sure they are not touching the house. Finally, remember that lights attract bugs as well; if you leave on the lights, be careful coming in and out of the house, and make sure you leave your windows and doors closed.

Inspect Your Entryways

Take a look at all the screens on your windows. Are any torn or in need of replacement? Examine your doorways. Are there any gaps that would allow bugs to get in? Any holes need to be sealed. In addition to window frames and doors, both attic vents and soffits often have gaps that allow bugs to gain access to a home. Do an inspection in these areas at least once per year, and take any steps necessary to make sure your entryways are in good shape.

Keep Your Home Clean

Bugs like a mess. Not only can they often find food, but the clutter keeps them sheltered and helps them feel safe. It is important to keep your living space as clean as possible, and the kitchen is the best place to start. Make sure all of your food is sealed and keep your trash in a can with a tight fitting lid. Always sweep your floors and wipe off your counters in the evenings. Do not leave dishes sitting in the sink overnight. Take out the trash often and do your best to keep things as organized as possible.

While bugs are important pollinators and play a vital role in the food chain, they do not belong in your house. If you are having trouble with pests in Florida, get in touch with EnSec Pest & Lawn. We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service at a price you can afford. We are happy to give you a free inspection of your interior and exterior and then talk to you about how to mitigate the bug problem in your area. There is no reason to spend your summer battling bugs on your own!

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