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How to Keep Your Lawn Green in the Summer Heat

As we reach for the sunscreen and bottled water to beat the heat, our lawns suffer the consequences of drying out. The summer heat is strong enough to turn even the healthiest grass dull and brown. By following the steps below, you can keep your lawn green and healthy all summer long.


Water is essential to the life of your lawn, just as it is essential to your body. Grass is alive just like any other plant and needs water to grow. Watering with frequency is not enough. You also have to water at the right times of the day. Set up a watering schedule for your lawn, and avoid watering between 10 A.M and 4 P.M, when the sun is hottest and at its highest peak. Instead, water the lawn early in the morning. Watering your lawn before sunrise allows enough time for the grass to absorb the water. Your lawn’s thirst will truly be quenched down to the root.


Lawn fertilizer provides your lawn with essential nutrients. It also promotes strong growth and adds color to your lawn. Nitrogen is the most common and important nutrient found in fertilizers. This nutrient plays a vital role in plant growth. Nitrogen influences chlorophyll production. Without chlorophyll, grass would not have its wonderful shade of green. Potassium is another nutrient that is important to the grass as it helps to keep the roots healthy and strong. Micronutrients like iron are also important in maintaining good turf color and health.


While it is important to keep your lawn trimmed, cutting too low can often add stress to your grass. Having grass that is too short leaves your lawn exposed to the harsh heat. The soil becomes dry and has difficulty retaining its nutrients, which results in dry, damaged grass. In some cases, your grass can even die. Each grass type has an optimum mowing height where your turf will perform at its best. To keep your lawn alive and healthy, target the optimum height for your grass type, and adjust your mowing schedule so you can regularly maintain it at that height.

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