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Preparing For Summer: What You Can Do About Mosquitoes Now

Mosquito on plantIt’s hard to enjoy spending time outdoors when mosquitoes are swarming and their bites leave itchy red welts all over your body. While you may not see as many in the spring, now is the perfect time to starting preparing for these little pests. It is not unusual to have quite a bit of rainfall in March, April and May, and that moisture allows mosquitoes to breed and increase their numbers dramatically. By taking a few steps to control the population now, you’ll be able to reclaim your summer and enjoy spending time outside again.

Why Is Spring Treatment Necessary?

Just because you don’t see them in the winter doesn’t mean that all the mosquitoes have died. They essentially sleep during the cold weather, and they also lay a bunch of eggs in preparation for the months ahead. In the South, those eggs can even start hatching before spring officially begins, depending on the weather.

What Can You Do?

The first, and probably the most important, step to take is to look for standing water in and around your house and get rid of it. This water gives mosquitoes what they need to lay eggs, and even just a little bit of moisture needs to be addressed. A tablespoon of water, for example, can be problematic and has the potential to attract these pests to your property.

Take a look at your exterior lights. What color are they? If they are white, consider switching to yellow, which is more difficult for bugs to see. As a result, they don’t congregate around your lights as often.

Care for your yard. Make sure there is not any debris that could trap water. If you have any holes in your lawn, fill them in. Gather up leaves and properly dispose of them. Pulling weeds is also important, because they give moisture a place to hide as well.

Plant flowers strategically. There are certain types that repel mosquitoes; for example, citronella is one that you want to have in your yard. There is a reason why citronella candles are marketed as an effective mosquito deterrent. The smell deters the little pests and encourages them to go elsewhere. The citronella plant has an even more potent odor than the candles, and it is simple enough for even a novice gardener to grow. A few other options are catnip and marigolds; try out a couple of the plants to see what you like the best.

Mosquitoes are more than just an annoyance; they also carry disease. Unfortunately, the spring provides the perfect environment for these pests to reproduce at a fast rate and to continue multiplying well into the summer. If the issue is not addressed, it will be very difficult for you to enjoy spending time outdoors. In addition, the problem will continue year after year unless you take steps to control it. Use the information included above to help yourself get a headstart on the mosquitoes this year. To fully prevent and eradicate these dreaded pests, contact the mosquito control professionals at Ensec to find out about receiving a free estimate.

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