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Signs of a Rodent Infestation

The idea of having a rodent in the house is enough to strike fear in the hearts of most homeowners. Not only do rats and mice cause damage and spoil food, but they can carry some particularly nasty diseases, too. Rodents also reproduce quickly, so it doesn’t take long for a relatively minor situation to get out of control. If you want to save yourself a lot of time and money, it is important to recognize the signs of a mice or rat infestation so that you can take steps to address it as soon as possible.rodent card

Bite Marks

Rodents typically gnaw on either the packaging of your food or the walls and baseboards of your home. You can figure out if a mark is fresh by the color; if it is lighter, it is newer and you likely have a current infestation. In addition, the bite marks help you know what you are dealing with. Rats are larger rodents, so their marks will be bigger than the ones that mice make. If you see both large and small bite marks, you may be dealing with both rats and mice.


One of the most common signs of rats and mice is their droppings. These can be found just about anywhere, although it is common to see them in the kitchen or around food. Look at the droppings carefully to see if you have a current infestation. If the droppings are gray and crumbly, they are likely old. If they are soft and dark, they are probably new. As with the bite marks, rats have larger droppings than mice.


Rodents like to have a cozy nest made up of soft materials like paper, grass, and even stuffing from furniture or pillows. They then choose a location for their nest that is a little off the beaten track; they want to have privacy and security in their “home.” Therefore, it is not unusual to find their nest in a box in the garage or in the corner of a cabinet that you don’t use very much. They do choose their location carefully for other reasons as well; they want to have easy access to food and water.

Be sure to check the right places. Here are some top places rodents might be hiding:

Common Places Where You Might Find Rodents in Your Home


Mice and rats can’t see well. Therefore, they normally stick close to walls and baseboards as they move around, often rubbing up against these areas and leaving dirt behind. You can typically determine the most frequent route the rodents are taking through your house by looking closely at the smudge marks that they leave behind. However, it can be hard to determine if an infestation is new or old by looking at these marks; they may have been there for a while and you just didn’t realize it.

Rodents are an issue in both Florida and Alabama. If you see signs that indicate you might have a problem, contact Ensec Pest & Lawn today. In doing so, you help to ensure that you stop the infestation in its tracks, before it has a chance to become a real problem.

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