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Termite Prevention Tips

Termites can cause serious damage for homeowners, and the scariest part is that it is difficult to tell there is a problem until it is too late. Termites make their way through a home, causing structural damage, but they do it so quietly that most owners have no idea that they are living with these little pests. However, there is a lot you can do to keep termites at bay and avoid costly repairs. Most of these strategies won’t take a lot of time and don’t cost a lot of money.Termites

Get Rid Of Water

You don’t want water around any part of your home, but it is particularly important to keep your foundation and roof dry. Also pay attention to the crawlspace and basement. If you notice an issue with a gutter or a pipe, get it corrected right away rather than letting the moisture remain. Water also attracts a host of other pests, so getting rid of it can have a lot of benefits for your home.

Walk The Property

One visible sign that termites often leave behind is mud tubes. It is a good idea to periodically walk your property and look for this indication of termites. While you are surveying the property, keep your eyes out for other worrisome signs as well. Some of the things to be concerned about are bubbling paint and areas of wood that look suspicious. If you knock on wood and it sounds hollow, you should bring someone in to check it out.

Cut Back Vegetation

Any bushes or trees that are around your home can cause moisture to become trapped around your foundation. In addition, termites often use vegetation to get closer to a home. It is best to cut back this growth to avoid any issues. As with the moisture concern, doing so will also help keep other pests at bay. Cut vegetation back by at least 18 inches from your homes foundation so that a person can fit in the space easily for treatment or for an inspection.

Get An Inspection

Once a year, bring in the professionals and have them take a look around your property. They will be able to tell if a problem is starting and can take steps to address it right away (if necessary). Even if you don’t have termites, these inspections can be very beneficial. Pest control technicians are able to give you additional hints and tricks to keep termites at bay, and they may be able to tailor their recommendations to your specific property. In addition, while you will likely do a good job trying to prevent termites, you may miss something since you aren’t experienced with this type of pest. Because they cause such significant damage, and because they can be difficult to spot, have the experts at EnSec Pest & Lawn look over the property to make sure everything is okay.

Termites are one pest that no one wants to deal with. Not only do they cause a lot of damage, but they do so almost silently, leaving a nearly invisible path of destruction in their wake. You don’t have to accept termites as being a part of life, however. By employing a few basic strategies, you can keep your home safe.

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