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Tips on How to Prevent Pests From Entering Your Pantry

RodentsMost people want to keep their homes free from pests and hate to see roaches, mice, ants, spiders and other pests inside. Finding evidence of these pests can be especially disturbing when they have been inside of your pantry. Pests are drawn to the different types of food sources that can be found in your pantry. When they feed on those food sources, they can contaminate your food and make both you and your family sick. Fortunately, it is possible for you to keep your pantry free from pests with a little work.

1. Seal All of Your Food Supplies

Pests are able to get into your food through very tiny openings. Instead of storing your pantry items in the cardboard boxes or paper bags that they came in from the store, try storing them inside of airtight, plastic containers. This can help to keep bugs out of your cereals, flour, sugar and other pantry items.

2. Seal the Entry Points

Pests need a way to get inside of your home so that they can access your pantry. During your regular maintenance, you should inspect your home for tiny cracks and openings and seal all of them up. This can help you to keep the bugs and other pests outside where they belong.

3. Keep Your Home Clean

A good way to keep pests far away from your pantry and your home is to keep it clean. Don't leave dirty dishes piled on the counter or in the sink. Keep your counters sprayed and wiped, and promptly carry your trash out to your dumpster. Clean your pantry shelves on a regular basis. When you remove the possible food sources for pests, your home will be less attractive to them.

4. Eliminate Water Sources

Roaches and other pests need a source of water to thrive. You can help to prevent roaches from coming into your home by eliminating their potential sources of water. Don't leave water standing in your bathtub or sink, and fix any dripping faucets or leaky pipes promptly. You should also wipe up spills promptly so that you can avoid breeding bugs.

5. Treat Your Home

Getting your home treated on a monthly basis can help to keep pests at bay year-round. By eliminating existing pest populations and then implementing pest control measures, you can enjoy a healthier, pest-free environment. Contact EnSec Pest & Lawn and let our professionals help you eliminate the pests that you find in your home, keeping them from returning.

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