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Top 5 Lawn Care Services Every Homeowner Should Have

If you live in coastal Alabama or Florida, you know just how much of an issue pests can be. The climate and atmosphere here make for an ideal environment for insects, disease, and pests in general.  The lawns are just beginning to wake up and this is all the more reason to get things off on the right track.

If you need help taking care of pests or your lawn and are in coastal Alabama or northwest Florida, here are the top 5 lawn care services every home should have.

1) Lawn Care

Our local lawn care experts provide all of the products required to keep your lawn clean and green and include:

  • Fertilization
  • Post energent weed control
  • Pre-emergent weed control
  • Turf damaging insect control
  • Soil amendments
  • Fungicide applications

We will even provide a free lawn care analysis, and give you an estimate for the treatment and maintenance plan that is best for your lawn.

2) Tree & Shrub Care Care

One of the primary services that we at Ensec offer our customers is our Healthy Landscape Program. This is a 360-degree service that provides for fertilization, insect control, and disease control for the ornamental trees and shrubs at your property. Our fertility services increase the fruit and flowering capacity of your plants, making sure that they can grow healthy, strong roots. Our insect and disease control services protect your landscaping to make for a clean and healthy environment to grow in.

3) Mosquito Control Program

Coastal areas are beautiful. So beautiful in fact that both people and mosquitoes love them. Allow EnSec to handle this pest for you. We utilize adulticide and larvicide treatments to keep populations at bay. We also make recommendations on eliminating likely breeding grounds where possible.

4) Fire Ant Control Program

The word is that fire ants entered our country through the Port of Mobile. There is no doubt that they staked their claim quickly and spread throughout the entire country. These pests continue to be a real threat to our outdoor way of life. This program applies a bonding agent that sets a barrier within the soil to prevent this pest for a full year. Protect your family and pets from this pest and let the outdoor fun begin!

5) Aeration and Top Dressing

Aerating the lawn is a mechanical process that removes small cores from the soil thus reducing soil compaction and creating an oxygen space for the grass roots to thrive. This valuable service is recommended annually and really helps to keep your turf on the right track. We also offer a top dressing service using Mirimichi Green as the medium applied. This product dramatically improves the soil condition and organic profile in the lawn. By infusing carbon and microbes into the mix you can expect a greener, healthier, lawn.

If you have more questions about lawn care or pest removal services in Alabama or Florida? Contact our specialists at Ensec Pest & Lawn today to get more information. 

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